I’ve been keen on vintage things since my teen years when I decorated my purple bedroom with stuff raided from our attic: an old Indian tapestry, a Japanese painting of tigers and a fragile oak bookcase. Decades later I still love vintage things and my home is sprinkled with them, but in recent years I’ve been drawn to having less so I opened an online store to help me downsize.

Now, instead of shopping for myself, I spend my days hunting for vintage goodies to sell…and I’m loving it! I love that adrenaline rush when I walk into an estate sale, thrift store or rummage sale. I love the challenge of finding the best stuff amongst all the detritus. I love learning about the different items I buy. And I love it when these vintage bits find new homes!

After careers in high tech and the non-profit sectors, I am delighted to be doing what I’m doing now. It’s a passion I can’t fully explain, but maybe you understand. It really is about the love of old things…things that history, patina and a bit of soul.