The Cute and the Weird

Errands this morning included the grocery store, the bank and Goodwill, of course! I had one small bag of stuff to donate and one item I wanted to return for exchange, so I needed to find something of equal or greater value. I had just been in the store on Sunday so I wasn’t sure I would find much…but I was wrong.

One of the first things I saw in the knick knacks section were these two siamese cat cuties just put on the shelf yesterday. Turns out they are circa ’50s-’60s and likely made in Japan. They are in great vintage condition and at 10″ tall they would make quite a statement on a shelf.


Then my eye landed on this weird hand-made bird vase, sculpture thingy.


And the more I looked it over, the more I thought, this piece is just too fabulously unique to pass up. It’s got all these wonderful details.


And, is it just me, or does this remind you of something Chagall would create?!! (I see you nodding your head yes.)


So of course I bought it.


I just know someone else is going to love this and want to pay me lots of money for it!! (Okay, maybe not lots, but some!)

I didn’t stay in Goodwill long, but was really happy finding these few bits and was able to do my return. At times I feel a little guilty having so much fun at my new “job,” but then I remember all the tedious parts, like trying to keep track of the inventory and listing all the stuff…and later, packing and shipping the stuff. So, it’s not all fun and games. In fact, I need to get cracking at listing more stuff for the upcoming holidays.

Happy hunting!


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