First 2016 Thrift Store Haul

I’m not even sure why Goodwill was open on January 1st. Seemed wrong, but as they were having a 35% off sale in the morning, I decided to take advantage of it. I wasn’t the only one. When the doors opened 10 of us swarmed in.

It’s always interesting to see the first places folks scurry to. One guy headed over to the video-game cabinet, another to electronics, others dove into the aisles of clothes and a few of us headed for the dishware section. My fav section. And the shelves were packed. A good sign!

First in my basket was this ceramic figurine in tribal dress from Kazakhstan. She’s a beauty and frankly I’ve never even seen anything from Kazakhstan before! (I mean honestly have you??) You can see the Russian influence.


I also found a big Lavorazione arte murano (made in Italy) glass centerpiece. It still has its sticker of authenticity. This is not a super high-end piece, but still it has this weird/cool vibe and it is real murano glass.


Now I love finding these pretty bits of china and glass, but I am trying to expand my repertoire. Normally I skate by the sports equipment shelves, but the other day I decided to take a quick glance.  Glad I did. I saw a few vintage wood tennis rackets and particularly loved the look of this Imperial tennis racket made by T.A. Davis Co., USA. The price was good so I decided to give it a try. I can see this hanging on a wall as a decoration…can’t you? (My only reservation is finding the right box for shipping!)


My last find is not vintage, but practically leapt into my basket…a box of Paris vs. New York: A Tally of Two Cities in 100 Postcards. Such fun graphics. The box appears to be complete and was only $2.65. (Normally $20.) I might keep these for my own use 🙂

So, not a huge haul, but a good one. A good beginning to the hunting-for-vintage year.

How about you? How’s your year starting??


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