I was so excited to join my husband on his business trip because he was staying at the Hotel Del Coronado–a historic hotel where “Some Like It Hot” with Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon was filmed. I envisioned having a room in the old hotel with a view of the ocean that would allow me to sun on the balcony while watching the ocean and journaling. Heaven!

Well, reality turned out to be far different. We were assigned to one of their new buildings (it’s very nice but generic) with a view of a parking lot and a balcony that gets no sun. To be honest, I cried a little. My disappointment was that keen.

Later that evening we went to a dinner at a nearby restaurant with my husband’s co-workers who were also attending the company offsite. (And as it turns out some of them had rooms in the old hotel with ocean views! WHAT??!!!) The food at the restaurant was great and everyone seemed congenial, but I was invisible. Have you ever had that happen?? No one talked to me. Asked what I did for a living. Nothing. For the first hour the talk centered on work projects, co-workers and corporate stuff. And while the second hour had some non-work talk there was little room to jump in. I smiled a lot and laughed once in a while, but after two hours I felt like banging my head against the table.

Thankfully, today I went to a couple of thrift stores and got a bit of my groove back. They were small, indie stores (Thrift Cottage and Christ Church Thrift Store) but had some nice stuff and at better prices than my hometown thrifts. (Drat I wish I had more suitcase room.) Here are a few of my finds…three old Chinese porcelain bowls, a Japanese plastic model of the U.S. Navy CA-35 Indianapolis, and a Nautical slide rule.

Later I had a nice lunch (lobster mac and cheese) by myself (which I strangely enjoy) and then sat in the sun by the beach and journaled for a while and started feeling much, much better. Getting perspective on things always helps 🙂

Can’t wait to get home tomorrow and put some of my new finds in my store!

Happy hunting!!!


  1. I got a kick out of your comment that you went thrifting to “get your groove back.” I feel that way so often! If I am having a bad day I can completely reset myself by an outing to some of my favorite spots. I have to go by myself though. I don’t want to talk – just immerse myself into the past.

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