What’s Your Typical Day Like?

When my husband leaves for work in the morning, he usually asks, “So what are you going to do today?” And to be honest, my days are pretty much all the same. I suppose that’s true for most of us.

In the past I’ve have employment that necessitated commuting to an office, wearing a badge and working in a cubicle. I’ve had some stellar co-workers and bosses and some that were hell on wheels. Those were not bad years, but some were boring and others darn stressful and I am really, REALLY glad that those days are behind me. (I know a few of you are saying “amen” to that too.)

Nowadays, as a self-employed, semi-retired gal, a lot of my time is spent by myself, at home. And I like it!

I wake up early 5-5:30 and get some coffee going. Then I check my email to see if I’d made any sales. I’ll peruse Facebook and Reddit and when I’m ready to eat breakfast, I’ll find a “thrifting” YouTube video to watch.

Next, I’ll take care of a few chores to get them out of the way. If I have errands to run (post office, grocery store, etc.) I’ll get myself (and any packages) ready, but my first port of call will be my local Goodwill for the 9:00 a.m. opening. Several other pickers will be there too, waiting for the unlocking of the doors. I usually find a few nice, older things, but most are priced too high for a reseller, though sometimes I get lucky. Take yesterday for example, I found the coolest pink ceramic creamer (made in Holland), a 1925 Buzza Co. motto print and a tiny two-inch square numbered print with eggs, a frying pan and birds that is both strange and strangely endearing.




After my errands I’ll work on one of my small freelance writing projects or start pulling out store things to research, photograph and list. I begin at the kitchen table, but I end up sitting outside on my stoop with my laptop. Lots of things are budding and blooming and I like to watch the birds in the birdbath while I work.

After lunch, I watch a bit of TV or read or nap!! (So delicious.) Mid-afternoon the natural lighting in the kitchen is particularly efficacious (isn’t that a great word!) for photographing items so I usually spend an hour or so doing that. I’m trying to improve my photos. Here’s a snap I took today of one of the vintage doctor’s examination head reflectors I bought recently. It didn’t turn out too badly considering there were a few reflective bits.


In between this stuff there may be a phone call or two with friends and family, a little exercising or puttering in the garden, journal writing and prayers, dinner to start and a glass of wine.

Not an exciting day (gosh I got bored just writing about it!), but I feel very blessed to be able to have this sort of day…quiet, unhurried, flexible, peaceable.

Of course the sales I’ll be going to later this week won’t be unhurried or peaceable, but that’s good too…gets my adrenaline flowing for a few hours! 

Well, that’s my typical day in a nut shell!

Would love to hear about yours 🙂

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