Finally…a Little Goodwill Gold

Memorial Day dawned sunny and mild in my neck of the woods. A perfect kind of day. My husband and I decided to take a morning walk at the Baylands, but before our walk we popped into Goodwill for their 25% off sale.

I have to confess I’ve had a tough time at my local Goodwill lately. For three visits in a row I have found nothing worth buying!  NOTHING. Which is unusual, but needed to be shared. Sometimes it takes a lot of hunting and patience to find good vintage stuff at a good price.

But a few days ago I broke this drought-like streak and found a pair of delightful Victorian turkey redwork embroidered pieces. (Others are selling these as pillow sham covers, but they are so big I’m wondering if they were meant to be spread over a bed.) Quite happy to have found these in amongst all the newer bits.



Now fast forward to Memorial Day. When we pulled into the Goodwill parking lot at 8:02 (they opened at 8:00), it was already crowded! Inside the store I started down the dishware aisle (my usual first port of call) and then inexplicably decided to check the artwork first. As I pawed through the generic posters and hotel art stacked against the wall, I found a charming pencil-signed etching of a winter landscape. I didn’t need to think twice about this!


I also found two designer silk ties and a zany handmade vase. I almost put the vase back on the shelf because I’m swimming in vases and yet it has a naïve, tribal, graphic quality I like and I know this will sell.


I walked past the men’s shirts without much interest till I spotted an Etro label on a cool striped shirt. Dang! These are high end, made in Italy and start around $300+ new. (Truth be told, I’m going to keep this for myself. It fits and, well, why not??)


Now, back to the etching. Turns out it was done by Kerr Eby (1899-1946). I had to remove it from the frame and matting to see that it’s titled, “Snow in Surrey.” I can’t find anyone selling this piece though several museums have it in their collection (Yale University, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Wake Forest University) and they date it to 1926.


His etchings sell from $250-$1500 (!) and I’m considering having this one appraised. I’ve already contacted a gallery owner who sells his work, but she no longer does appraisals. Pooh!

But I am sooooo glad to have finally hit a little Goodwill gold…and on a sale day! And of course afterwards we had a lovely walk by the bay. I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day too.

Happy hunting! 


    1. I’m pretty excited about the etching! (I contacted an art appraiser, but her min. starting fee was $350…not doing that!) But I think from my research I’ll be able to come up with the fair market value for it. – Karen

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      1. Appraisers are only good when done in bulk (like your entire house of stuff) for insurance purposes. Never use them for a single thing.


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