Find of the Week: Rosenthal China Dish

I am lucky that my small neighborhood Goodwill occasionally receives donated antiques…and some make it to the shelves…and some I find! Like this morning. I was perusing the dishware aisle and as usual I passed by tons of silver-plate items, student-made pottery, generic mugs, worn china and ticky-tacky figurines, but I skidded to a halt when I saw this little dish on the shelf. Honestly I think my eyes bugged out a bit when I saw it!


In a word, she was…charming. And old. Really old. I flipped it over and was pleased to see the maker’s mark “R.C.” and Bavaria.


I didn’t even bother researching it in the store because I knew I would be buying it…regardless of cost or profit. Later at home I learned that R.C. stands for Rosenthal & Co and the marker’s mark is indicative of a piece made in 1898-1906. Nice!!!

I haven’t found a similar one that has sold or is currently for sale though round Rosenthal portrait plates have sold for $27-$95. Well, if nothing else this is a scarce piece. It has a small bit of paint loss, but nothing major. (Apologies for the glare in the photos.) And honestly, she makes me smile. I mean is she sweet or what??


She is my find of the week and I won’t mind if she hangs around for a while.

How about you?? Any good finds?


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