Dang…This Could Have Been My Find of the Week!!

After my exercise class (which is still challenging for me, but good) I decided to drop into my local Goodwill. Well, it was on my way home and even though I was sweaty (and probably smelly) I was in a “what the heck” mood. The store was nearly empty so I took my time and, bless me, found an amazing porcelain vase signed Boovier Studio. I did a quick search online at the store, but nothing was showing up. Hmmm. It was beautiful and obviously a quality piece with an interesting silver overlay. I could easily take a chance on this. Into my basket it went.

At home I did more research and was coming up bupkus until I chanced on the name of California artist Essie Boovier and discovered this was one of her pieces. It seems that she produced art during the 1930s/1940s and was perhaps better known for her paintings. And one of her vases, not as nice as mine, sold recently for $76. So I was super excited and happy about my find and put the vase in the sink to soak off the price tag.

boovier-vase2Later as I was drying the vase, my heart sank. I discovered a chip under the lip. How had I missed that? Darn. No way! My oldest daughter who sometimes goes thrifting with me has said before, “Mom, you always do this!” But that’s not true. Honestly. I usually catch the flaws…at least 80% of the time. 🙂

It’s still a beautiful, outstanding piece, but that chip (that darn chip) will turn off some buyers and certainly reduces the price I can ask. Well, I’ll still list it and time will tell how quickly it sells.


I also bought a zany print 1980s Dana Buchman silk bomber jacket with dolman sleeves. I mean I just couldn’t resist buying this. Could you? Well, maybe you could. It is rather over the top and tacky, but I’m thinking someone is going to love wearing this. It’s a bit big on me, but maybe I’ll wear it a few times anyway with black skinny jeans and little boots!


Well, perhaps my find of week will be the four photo mourning pins I bought on eBay. The were packaged rather strangely and arrived stuck on this bit of cardboard (not how I ship my jewelry), but the price was really good and these are rather endearing. Don’t you think?


Anyway, not sure what my find of the week will be, but as I think about these mourning pins of men who died young, it makes me grateful to be alive…and so thankful. For family and friends. For soft quilts and good books and flowers that feed the hummingbirds. For…so much.

How about you? What are you thankful for?


  1. i love the mourning pins, also. and- like you- i have been surprised by chips on ceramic / glass pieces only discovered when i get them home. i have been too excited, initially – and probably had the wrong glasses on! now i make sure trish is with me – she has an eagle eye for quality issues – in a way that i do not. edwina

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  2. Thanks for the Essie Boovier post. I just discovered I have some of her signed pieces (purchased years ago at an antique fair, sitting in storage for years). Your site was first to pop up when I searched the signature. Now to determine how/where to sell them.

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