Find of the Week: Irish Goodies

Now this is more like it! I wish every visit to a thrift store was like this!

Here’s the story. I went to my neighborhood Goodwill a couple of days ago in an attempt to exchange a dubious numbered print I bought last week. (I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought it.) The print cost $12.65 so I needed to come up with goods of equal or greater value.

Now $12.65 doesn’t seem like much to come up in a whole store full of stuff, but I’ve walked out of Goodwill empty-handed plenty of times. And this day I wandered up and down my favorite aisle and came up bupkis. Oh geez. The next aisle I found a box of vintage Irish linen and lace hankies. So sweet. I adore vintage hankies. At $2.45 it was a start, but a small start.


I wandered around some more and was just not finding anything else. I thought maybe in a pinch I could find a piece of clothing for myself. But I don’t need any more sweaters or blazers!

Then I noticed a jam-packed cart of inventory that had just been wheeled out from the back room. Fresh merch. Yeah! My eyes and hand immediately gravitated towards a large wine goblet on the cart. Dang, it was heavy. I gave it a light ping and it rang beautifully. Lead crystal. The base was acid etched with the name “Tyrone.” Tyrone? Never heard of it. A quick Google search and I discovered it was an Irish crystal-making company that was in business from 1971 to 2010. Their sad demise meant there was now a finite supply of their items, which is good for a reseller!


There were six of these goblets (in the Antrim pattern as it turns out) and they all seemed to be in great condition, but I whistled at the price. Time for more research. Hmmm… still room for profit. In the end I grabbed four of them. Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t take all six goblets. Silly right? But if the other two are still there on my next visit (doubtful), I’ll snag them. [I thought they were gone but I found the remaining two in a locked cabinet…yeah!]

I also found a rather lethal-looking 10″ Tyrone crystal and stainless steel letter opener in its original box. Such a classy, quality item. There are a couple of these currently for sale on Amazon at $95 and $150, though “solds” from past years went for much less.


Other things on the cart included an Arabia Finland ceramic tea pot. This is a sought-after brand that has made wonderful ceramic tableware items for over 100 years. But the teapot had red transferware flowers that lacked the boldness and coolness of their other patterns. Even the shape of the teapot was old-fashioned. It was pretty, but fussy and I just wasn’t feeling it. Plus it was pricy too. I left it behind on the cart.

But I was elated with my purchase of Irish goodies: four crystal Tyrone Antrim balloon wine glasses, a Tyrone crystal letter opener and a box of sweet Irish linen hankies.

“Go raibh maith agat” Ireland and Goodwill!


  1. We all but stopped going to our local Goodwill. They have what seems to be peoples’ leftover yard sale stuff, but never anything with any resale value. I think the Nevada Goodwill stores keep the good stuff for their website sales.


    1. Darn Carol, that’s annoying. I’m lucky that my neighborhood Goodwill still has good quality stuff once in a while. I rarely go to my local St. Vincent de Paul thrift store anymore though. Anything vintage is priced at eBay prices. 😦 – Karen


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