Find of the Week: Vintage Dakin Teddy Bear

Though I find them charming I am not a collector of teddy bears or stuffed animals of any kind. Even as a kid I only had a few and none remain. But when I stumbled on this little Dakin bear in another seller’s Etsy store I was enchanted and bookmarked the page. Every few days or so I’d visit the page to see if the bear was still available. (It was!) Finally, I said to myself, “Girl, just buy the bear!”

So I did! Isn’t he cute? Love his little crocheted farmer’s overalls and sticky-out tongue. He makes me smile. He’s about 8″ tall and likely circa 1950s. (Tag reads: R. Dakin and Co, San Francisco, California, Wood Products Prod. Poland, No. 118.)


Still not sure what attracted me to it or why I felt compelled to buy it. Perhaps because it reminded me of childhood…and a simpler time of life. (Lately a lot of things have been weighing on my heart. Maybe it’s the same for you.)

I’m realizing this purchase was probably a bit of “retail therapy. Oh dear. Oddly enough, though my business is selling stuff, I am not an advocate of retail therapy…once in a rare while, maybe, but as a perpetual mood-lifting activity, no.

But this little guy (bought for a snip) does bring a smile to my face…so no regrets. And even though he’s not rare or valuable, he is my find of the week!

How about you…ever done any retail therapy you’re willing to share??


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