Trying to Find Thrift Store Treasure

After my workout yesterday I stopped into neighborhood Goodwill on my way home. I was sweaty and tired but hankering to find some treasure. (Maybe you know know the feeling!) I walked into the store with my optimism soaring, ready to dig.

First off I spotted a small cart loaded with “new” merch that hadn’t been put on the shelves yet. Hmmm…nothing here, so I started my usual route around the store. Then on the bottom shelf in the metal aisle I found a cool vintage Paymaster machine like this one. This was definitely treasure in my book. I love vintage office equipment. (Some day I want to get my hands on my father-in-law’s old adding machine!) In good condition these typically sell from $25-80, but the one in the store had condition issues–it was a bit rusty in back and sadly missing its handle grip. With a price tag of $30 (ouch!) I had to leave it on the shelf.


I found a few small decorative items, but knew they wouldn’t be worth the effort to sell online. A nice red leather purse by Hobo International appeared to be a possibility till I turned it over and saw the huge scratch. On and on it went. Forty minutes later I knew this would be one of those days when I walked out empty handed. No treasure. Well, que sera sera.

Then I decided to check the cart again before I left. Hmmm…I hadn’t noticed this yellow Swedish stoneware milk jug by Höganäs Keramik before. So classy! I did a quick Google search and discovered there was room for profit on this. Cool! So I wasn’t leaving empty handed.


But wait, there was also a hand-painted earthenware bowl from Italy marked “Vietri Art.” (How had I missed this too??!) Such a great Tuscan country kitchen piece. And now I had two things to buy. Yeah!


At home, after washing the bowl and jug and setting them out to dry, I realized how good they looked together. The ultra clean modern lines of the Swedish jug balanced all the flourishes and curves of the rustic Italian bowl. It made me wonder if they had been donated by the same person.


Later I poked around on the internet and discovered that the town of Vietri sul Mare along the Amalfi coast has been known as a paradise for ceramic lovers for centuries. (Think about it…centuries!) I found this photo of four little ceramics stores in the city and spied Vietri Art. That’s the store this fanciful bowl came from! How cool is that? I love the internet.


So in the end I did find some (modest) treasure in Goodwill that day. It took a lot of looking  (it was my post-workout workout!) but was worth it. Though I am wondering why I hadn’t noticed these pieces when I first walked in and checked the cart!

How ’bout you…find any thrift store treasure recently??


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