What I Have in Common with Neiman Marcus

I’ll be honest, I don’t shop at Neiman Marcus. The few times I’ve walked in this store I felt like all the posh store clerks knew I didn’t belong. It’s just too high falutin and pricy for me. But we do have something in common…we are both selling this Waterford Crystal Lismore biscuit barrel!

From the Neiman Marcus website

Oh yes..I found this exact Waterford crystal piece in my little neighborhood Goodwill today. I was heading down the glassware aisle and saw it on a top shelf. Picking it up I discovered that it had the delightful heft and beauty of real crystal. As I was looking it over (only a few scratches on the bottom), I found what I was hoping to find…the Waterford acid mark. Oddly there was no price tag on it (and I know it was fairly recent donation) so I gave it to the clerk to take it to the pricing gal…and held my breath.

He came back. “It’s $9.39. Do you want it?” YES, please!!!

Here’s the straight poop. Neiman Marcus sells this item new for $285. On Amazon it can be bought new for $185. In the secondhand world it typically sells for $45 – $90. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

So all in all a lovely find that should bring a nice profit.  Yeah! 🙂

How about you…any good finds this week?

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