A Perfect Yard Sale Day

I am not a melancholy person, but I am also not known for walking around in a haze of happiness…but this morning I came close! At 7:45 when I left the house it was so quiet and beautiful out with a light caressing breeze and clear blue skies that I found myself smiling as I drove to my first yard sale!

I went to a total of four sales, all coincidentally run by women over 50. Each woman was friendly and chatty and while I usually hustle at yard sales, I started slowing down and lingering a bit. Talking too. And I found some nice things at each, which of course was exciting. Later as I was driving home I thought, “What an absolutely perfect morning.” And it was!

Here are some of my favorite finds today…

In the games category I bought a 1990 Steven’s tin Chinese checkers game and a 1950s/60s Autobridge game. Neither are worth much, but I liked the graphic appeal of both.

In the dish category I bought a set of eight ironstone fluted dishes with a rabbit motif. I believe these are Japanese and known as “lucky white rabbit” pieces. (No maker’s marks on the back.) At a church yard sale I get a set of four Campbell’s soup bowls that commemorate the 1984 Winter Olympics.

Only bought one piece of clothing, other than the practically new Columbia hiking boots I got for myself!! I couldn’t resist this distressed black leather biker’s vest. It’s not in perfect condition, but still has lots of wear and looks fabulous.


Also at the church yard sale, just as I got there a woman helping at the sale set down a pile of souvenir tea towels. Most of them had never been used. Well, I ended up snagging eight of the ones I thought were the best. Is there a huge demand for linen tea towels like this? Well no. But I have sold some in the past and I only paid 25 cents each so I can’t go wrong! As I was paying for my items, the woman who took my money said, “Oh, I’m glad somebody bought those. These are from my mother’s collection,” which was rather poignant.


Well, it’s starting to warm up and I’m debating what else to get done today. Should get some stuff listed, but first a nap!

How about you…any good yard sale finds??


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