Worth Waiting for the Right Buyer

mccaine-painting7I was delighted the other morning to wake up and discover that my 1960s/70s McCaine dock painting had sold ($275). Well, actually it was a little bittersweet as this painting has been displayed in our living room since December 2015 and I really liked it!

I could have sold it before now if I had been inclined to accept one of the offers for it but none reached what I thought it was worth based on my research. (And I believed my listed price was a fair and reasonable one.) I even had one condescending gent want me to reveal what I had paid for it so he could make an offer based on what he thought would be enough profit for me! I had a laugh about that one. I felt like telling him, “Hon, this ain’t my first time at the rodeo!”

So now the painting is in the mail (after a 20-minute deluxe packaging job!) sent with tracking, insurance and signature confirmation. It was definitely worth waiting till the right buyer came along.

Recent Goodwill Finds

I rarely buy jewelry at Goodwill but I was drawn to this large abstract handmade pin. It has two glass bits, a chunk of fool’s gold and some oxidized copper. It was so unusual and nicely made that I thought I’d be a fool not to buy it! Haven’t found any designer’s logo/mark. Would do you think? Would you wear it??


And this Stangl Terra Rose Lily ceramic vase in green (with pink interior) was just so 1940s fabulous. (For some reason this vase reminds me of my friend Ann…perhaps because she has such a classy vintage style.) It’s in great, undamaged condition except for a little residue at the bottom on the inside.


And I always keep an eye out for collectible Ken Edwards El Palomar ceramics. They’ve been consistent sellers for me.



The little critters (fish, bugs, butterflies) are the artist’s signature.

Well, time to get back to listing. If you haven’t been to my Lion & Lamb Vintage store in a while, take a peek. I’ve listed lots of “new” items. (As a back-to-school promotion, if you use the link above, any purchase of $24.99 and higher will be automatically discounted 15%.)

Happy hunting!!

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