Saturday Thrifting

It was a beautiful sunny fall day and my daughters and I decided to do a little thrifting in the morning. First I decided to return the green pebbled leather Coach Soho purse I wrote about previously. It was so cute but just not in good enough condition and I couldn’t find an inexpensive way to remedy the scuffs on the back. So I brought it back with me to Goodwill hoping to do an exchange…a $19.25 exchange!

Well, it took 40 minutes of looking in this small store, but eventually I found enough good items to make the exchange. Like these brass “thingys.” There were 10 on the shelf and I had no idea what they were, but they intrigued me. I looked through them and five had particularly nice details and images so I decided to take a gamble on them.


Turns out they are vintage horse brasses.

…a brass plaque used for the decoration of horse harness gear, especially for shire and parade horses. They became especially popular in England from the mid-19th century until their general decline alongside the use of the draft horse, and remain a collectors item today. – Wikipedia

How cool is that! Should have bought all of them. Here’s what they look like in competition.


I also found this silk scarf mixed in with the Halloween stuff. Not sure why. Perhaps because of the bright colors and wild pattern, but I thought it was fabulous. A perfect scarf to add a bit of cachet to an outfit…don’t you think? It is made in China (rather than the more desirable Italy), but has nice rolled hems and is a generous 33.5″ square.


I also spotted this Polish Boleslawiec pottery milk jug on a “fresh merch” cart. It was pricey, but in perfect condition. This pottery sells for me, so I decided it would be my last item as part of the exchange.


Later we went to a neighboring city to buy spices at Penzey’s (a whole store devoted to spices, herbs and extracts!) and checked out a few of the city’s “boutique” thrift stores. You know the kind–small, good, pricey–great places to shop for yourself, but not so good if you want to resell the items. I rarely find anything with meat on the bone. But in one store I spotted this chunky red carved plastic bracelet. Could it be bakelite?? If it was, there would be a lot of meat on the bone! I decided it was worth the risk. At home, I did the Simichrome polish test and it was NOT bakelite. Poop! Still it’s handsome and wearable and should easily find a new home.


At a second store I bought two vintage needlepoint bell pulls. Well I think that’s what they are. One has pansies, the other birds. Rather sweet and could be made into something else if wanted.


Overall, I am happy with my finds. No home runs, but lots of “bread and butter” items in plenty of time for the holiday season. But the best part of the day was having both my daughters along as thrifting buddies. My youngest heads back to college in less than 24 hours and I won’t see her again in person till December. So I’m a bit emotional at the moment. (Eventually I’ll just give in and have a good crying jag.)

As always, happy hunting! 


P.S. If you haven’t visited my store lately, take a peek. I have over a 100 things on sale (a variety of clothing and home decor) till September 30.

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