Highs and Lows, Gambles and Groans

That’s what this vintage-selling business is like–full of highs and lows, gambles and groans. And in between (for those like me who sell online) the tedium of photographing, listing and shipping.

Of course the best part, the high, is the hunt. I love, love, love the hunt and after Friday’s heart-racing score, I was ready to head out to three promising sales Saturday morning. Then I looked at my piles of unlisted store stuff and put the brakes on. “Okay, no more treasure hunting for me this week. Time to get back to listing. Sigh!”

Here I go…

4 Sets of Mini Sterling Silver Salt & Pepper Shakers-$54.99

Surprisingly I found these cuties at my neighborhood thrift store earlier this week.


Vintage Brass Jug/Vase-$24.99

This would look great with wildflowers, branches, feathers or even antlers.


Victorian/Edwardian Leather Toddler Shoes – $59.99

I decided to list the shoes I bought yesterday, though I will enjoy displaying them till they sell, which I hope isn’t for a while.  🙂


Vintage Asian/Chinese Ceramic Lidded Round Box-$39.99

Some of you may remember this little lidded box I bought a few weeks ago. I thought it might be Chinese and at least 40-80 years, possibly older. I asked folks in one of my online antique forums and the consensus of three people is that it’s likely Asian but not antique. Still a nice box. 🙂


Vintage Hand-Beaded Toran from India-$124.99

This vintage beaded toran (door decoration) turned out to be better than I thought despite some small bead loss which the seller didn’t mention. For one it is was much bigger than the seller listed (they said it was 25″ by 26″ and it’s 51″ long by 26″!) and my research is indicating that it has more value than I anticipated. I think this turned out to be a good gamble.


This One Did Not Get Listed…

Was all set to photograph and list this fabulous two-yard piece of Brunschwig & Fils “Pillement” glazed chintz when I noticed it was marred by two brass grommets smack in the middle of it. Groan! I think this will be a hard sell at any price. Not sure what I’m going to do with this.


Sadly these are all more recent purchases so I didn’t touch my older piles today. But tomorrow is another day!

As always, happy hunting…and listing,



  1. I wanted you to know how much I enjoy reading your blog.
    My husband and I are putting our toes in the water of online selling. I have learned a lot from you- thanks!
    Looking forward to more posts!

    Liked by 1 person

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