“Molehills into Mountains”

I am so grateful for all the blessings in my life, but the last few days I’ve been a little blue. And once you’re in a blue frame of mind, everything becomes irrationally, stupendously negative…molehills become mountains. Maybe you know how it is! Small things become BIG, BIG, BIG in your mind.

Here are some of my reselling “molehills into mountains” this week:

  • I sold a coat on eBay in April. I shipped it the day it was bought and it arrived across country two days later and the tracking said “Delivered to P.O. Box.” Perfect. That’s done and dusted! But wait, the buyer emails me (over three weeks after she ordered it) saying she never received it!! What?!! I stressed about this for a few hours, but realized since it was delivered to the address she gave me there’s nothing more I need to do. Hopefully she will pick it up or be able to work with the post office to track it down.
  • I found a fantastic sterling elf pin on ShopGoodwill. I did a little research and discovered it was a Cyvra pin. These typically sell in the $40s-$50s. I was super excited about the possibility of winning this auction, but was outbid in the last few seconds. 😦


  • I found a small framed art print of Jerusalem. It was done in the style of Egbi and I decided the only way to find out more about this piece was to remove the paper backing, take it out of the beat-up frame and extricate it from the matting. I was hoping to find a signature and possibly a print number under the matting. I didn’t. It’s a neat piece, but probably not worth anything. It was a gamble that went bust. 😦


  • I received an offer on an antique item in my Etsy store withΒ “This is all I can afford.” Why do people do that? If that’s all you can afford, then you can’t afford the item. (And incidentally the item is already very competitively priced.)
  • I love, love, love to go out hunting for goodies, but I’ve cut way back in order to try and get caught up listing my “death piles.” Arrgh!Β 
  • Sales are sluggish and will typically stay this way through summer. Double arrgh!

So nothing bad, just a lot of typical moments in the life of someone who sells vintage things, but in my blue fugue these all seem worse.

Isn’t it funny how your frame of mind colors everything? For months I’ve been looking forward to watching the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan but in my current blueness all I keep thinking is the that over-the-top pageantry is going to throw into sharp contrast the drabness and tedium of my life. Oy vey!

Well, I’ll still watch tomorrow morning. Of course I will. And hopefully, soon, I’ll get back to my happy, contented self!

Happy hunting,


P.S. On the rosier side, I am happy with the little sterling silver purse I purchased. It arrived the other day and I gave it a quick swipe with a Weiman’s silver wipe and brought all the great details into focus.



  1. I appreciate your honesty and candor.
    Perspective is a wonderful thing. A balm, really. And, something I have to ‘learn’ over and over. I get caught up in my little universe, thinking all of my problems, woes, concerns are ever so important. They ain’t! So, I bring it back down to earth, if only for a little while.
    Life. It is a wonderful journey. I’m so much smarter this year than the last. I’m hoping that trend continues!
    On to something else, entirely. I would love for you to chronicle some of the mundane things you do to keep your business alive and flourishing. I’m in the baby stages (gathering for my ‘store’), and would be ever so appreciative of your knowledge. You write so well and thoughtfully. I must admit, I smile when I see a new entry on your blog! But, I also know that you are very busy and may not have the time or even the inclination to do what I have suggested. I totally understand.
    Here’s to a better week ahead!
    Thanks so much for each and every blog entry!

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    1. Many thanks Shari for your thoughts on perspective and your kind words about my blog. They brought a smile to my face. πŸ™‚ And I like your post idea and will give it some thought.

      When will you be launching your store??

      All the best,


  2. You are most welcome, Karen!
    We are a month away from closing on a home here in Columbus, GA. We will be moving my parents in with us after we get settled (5 bed/4 bath, plenty of room!). So, when I can finally catch my breath I’ll be listing some of the treasures I have already purchased. I have been blessed by finding items that appear to have a great return on investment. Of course, it’s not a given that anything will sell for what I think it will.
    But, I’m learning lots from you and others who have been successful in this venture. I love old, quirky things, beautiful items for the home/ kitchen, and paintings, prints. Like you, there are some that will not be easy to let go of!
    I have a wonderful husband who is gung- ho for me to accomplish my goal of having a home based business that I enjoy doing. As my parents age, it will be more important for me to be able to stay at home to keep an eye on them.
    Thanks for asking about my venture. I am excited!

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    1. Shari, what an exciting time for you!! And how wonderful that you will have room for your parents to live with you.

      It sounds like we like a lot of the same types of things. πŸ™‚ And I love working from home at this time in my life. So nice not to have to commute anymore.

      All the best,


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