Plodding Along…

Still in a bit of a funk but plodding along. (I wish the sun would come out though!) I got to the gym twice this week and met with my writer’s group. (So blessed to be part of this talented group.) Also worked in a few quick trips to my neighborhood thrift store (of course!) and was happy to find a few good items…

Like these four April Cornell placemats. Aren’t these nice? And bonus, these have never been used and still retain their tags. (On they sell for $36.99 plus shipping. These are not vintage so I’ll be listing them on eBay–$32 with free shipping.)



I also spotted this lovely Waterford crystal hock wine glass which has the most delightful crystal “ping” when flicked. I tried it out last night and found it a very pleasing to drink from.


Unfortunately there was just the one, but still I was happy to buy it, particularly as it’s in a scarce pattern called Baltray. I’ll be listing this for $45 on Etsy.


And years ago I bought this zany patterned pottery mug (made by Patricia Koszis) at a craft fair. I often thought it would be nice to own another one, but she stopped making them.


Then over the last four days I have found three more in beautiful condition. I was tickled!


Now I have a cheerful set of four and was planning on keeping them all, but I really don’t need this many. Hmmmm. Not sure what I’m going to do! Possibly sell two?

I popped into the thrift store for the third time this week still hoping to find a mate to my Waterford glass. That search was a bust, but I did find two unexpected things.

I saw this lovely quilted FabIndia textile (still with its tag). I thought it might be a table cloth, but it didn’t have the right dimensions or fabric (the backing is wool). Later I discovered on the FabIndia website that its a huge (96″ by 39″) Ajrakh body shawl. Here’s a closeup of the print fabric.


This would be the perfect cozy piece for two people to wrap around themselves, say at a summer concert or watching fireworks. (These sell on their website for over $100. This is not vintage so I plan on listing this on eBay for $60.)

But my favorite purchase this week, hands down, was this plaster anatomical heart model. I couldn’t believe it when I saw this on the shelf today. I said a quick “Come to momma!”


I mean WHO doesn’t need a heart model complete with numbers by the arteries, valves and such for those pop quizzes??


So this week has been okay. Good even, though I’ll admit I didn’t get a lot done. Still plodding along…

As always, happy hunting,



  1. I {heart} the heart!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Laura Werley

    What fun finds! The mugs are very whimsical, they would look great displayed. And the heart model should be found in everyone’s home. Looks like a good week to me. I visited two thrift stores and the only thing I could find to sell is two paint by numbers that are not well done, but I think they’ll sell. Need to update the frames, they are missing varnish and dry.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know how you feel Laura. Some weeks I don’t find anything!! – Karen


  3. Shari Harniss

    Hoorah! on finding that heart treasure! Perfect paper weight for a doc!

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