Friends and Selling Stuff

Antiquing in Pennsylvania with one of my BFFs in 2017.

I feel blessed to have so many dear friends…women I trust with the good stuff in my life and the messy bits. One is coming to visit from the East Coast in a few days (we’ve been best friends since freshman year of college!!) and I’m feeling a little stressed that our house won’t be ready. Mind you, she is one of the kindest people I know and will not be judging me if she sees cobwebs and a bit of clutter. Still I want her to feel comfortable and at home. So what did I feel compelled to do the other morning? I spent time tossing out expired spices and old makeup. I mean honestly, that’s about as non-essential as you can get where guests are concerned!

So, here’s what I definitely need to do before she arrives on Monday:

  • Get my big “donate” pile in the hallway to a thrift store.
  • Get as much excess store inventory in the family room into bins in the garage.
  • Make sure both bathrooms are scrubbed to the nubbins.
  • Buy food, including her favorite Chai tea blend.
  • Dust and vacuum…of course.
  • Make sure all the “guest” linens are freshly washed.
  • Create a small, cheery bouquet of flowers for her.

On the Store Front

Sales are already in the summer doldrums which makes every sale that much more appreciated. 🙂 Here’s some of what sold in May.


I was particularly gratified that someone bought the antique Blackinton sterling silver purse and left a review saying how much she loves it. These little purses and card cases are so dear to me and I have a small collection of my own.

I am continuing to plug away at my “death piles.” I have a wonderful box of vintage baby clothes I bought nine months or so ago and finally listed one thing from the box but am not happy with my photos. They are just NOT enticing! I really need a small mannequin head or a large doll or a young girl to best display this sheer bonnet.


Sigh…taking good photos still tends to be a challenge at times, but once in a while I feel like I get it right. I like how these product photos turned out. 🙂


On a buying note I did find a couple of nice things at my neighborhood thrift this morning after my workout. My favorite is this 1970s German Altenkunstadt Ceramic Bourbon Decanter with Prussian soldiers depicted in a very fitting Prussian blue!


This would look great on a sideboard, liquor cart or used as a vase. Can’t you see this with bunches of red salvia and Queen Anne’s lace? 

My second find was this simple, hobo-style purse in polished black leather. It’s made by Oroton, an Australian company I’d never heard of, but a darn good one as it turns. Brand new their purses top out at $600. Judging from similar ones on their site, this likely sold for $300-$400 originally.


It’s in beautiful condition except for a few light scratches on the bottom. Was actually surprised to find it as one of my competitors, who is also a “purse guy,” was already at the store and the purse area is one of his first ports of call. I’ll price this at $50.

I was planning on hitting a fabulous rummage sale this morning and possibly an estate sale a little further afield. I have them marked on my calendar and was excited about heading out, but my conscience is pricking me. It’s telling me to stay home and focus on listing instead of spending the morning hunting for more goodies! Plus next week, when my friend is visiting, we will do some antiquing and I’m sure to find more stuff then.

Okay. Okay. Home it is with a morning of listing. :\

As always, happy hunting,



  1. I do hope yall have a beautiful visit with lots of laughter, and make wonderful memories!
    As far as the dust and such- when I’m a guest, all I care about is clean sheets, hot water in the shower and a fan for noise. I couldn’t care less about the dust!

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