Eclectic December Finds and Sales

I haven’t had time to do much buying this month. Too busy enjoying parties, special Christmas events and hanging out with friends and family. And what I have bought has been quite a mish mosh! 

Kodak Carousel with Medical Slides

I bought this online and it hasn’t arrived yet and I’m nervous. There are close to 80 slides in the carousel but they only displayed one sample in the listing and gave no details about the others. (And alas some sellers to do not respond to requests for more photos or info.) Hoping they’re not all dull as dishwater.

Do medical slides sell? Yes, according to Worthpoint sales data. 

Antique Crocheted Miser’s Purse

This item, also bought online, was listed as a doll’s purse, but I wasn’t convinced. It was small, yes, but not that small. After I received it I started doing some research and now believe it could be a miser’s purse (used back in the day to hold coins) or perhaps a young girl’s purse.  It is quite charming though the drawstring is not original and it has a small repaired hole.

Jemez Pottery Seed Pot

I found this Native American charmer at my neighborhood thrift store.  Such a nice little clay pot perfect for a bookshelf or desk.

Wabi-Sabi Hammered Copper Candelabra

I like this vintage candelabra and its askew nature and “handmade-ness.” It reminds me of the candelabra in the animated “Beauty and the Beast” movie. But will anyone else like it? Will anyone pay money for it? Not sure!

A Big Lot of Scarves

Now scarves are a pretty standard item. Nothing mysterious or unique. And I don’t go out of my way to buy them but this particular online auction was for a lot of 10. Hmmm, at the right price this might be good. Some of them looked quite fun. But the listing didn’t give ANY information about any of them. No size, material content, condition, maker info. Nothing. Oh jeez…should I take the risk? 

Love these over-the-top Faberge egg-style ones!

Well I bid on them and was the ONLY bidder. No one else was that foolhardy. Fingers crossed they’re not all trashed and full of stains, holes, smells or made from cheap fabric. I figure if just one or two are sellable I’ll at least make my money back, but hopefully there will be a profit. 🙂

I did pop into a small antique store (with 40 dealers) on my way to a Christmas party the other day. This store is the real deal with lots of interesting, quality, older inventory.

Was hoping most of the dealers would be running Christmas sales, but no luck. In the end I bought less than $20 worth of little items–five crystal chandelier drops, seven black and white snapshots (at 25 cents each!) and a little gift for one of my daughters.

My Favorite Items that Sold this Month

After a healthy and active November (sales wise that is!), December has been a disappointment. Not terrible. Just average. Still mustn’t grumble. Some golly good things have sold, including several that I’ve been happily displaying in our house…

Like this slightly worn, but fun French antique metal jewelry casket.

And these handsome, heavy agate bookends.

And this sterling silver teapot tea strainer. This little beauty was displayed in my curio cabinet.

And this lovely amber pendant from Poland. This was bought from a nun’s estate.

And this Tomov icon. I spotted it in a Pacific Grove (CA) thrift store back in June when I was on vacation with a girl friend. 

So all it all, life is good! Hope it is for you as well.

As always, happy hunting,


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