Any Bargains in Boutique Thrift Stores?

I was meeting a friend at a cafe for lunch one town over and thought while I was there I should stop into the three thrift stores nearby. Mind you, they are boutique thrift stores. Small and expensive. For a reseller these are tough picking. Really tough. But I figured I might as well look since I was in town! So I gave myself a challenge: to find one good thing to buy in each store that would ensure me a profit.

I found that the first store, a Goodwill boutique, has greatly reduced its hard goods and is mostly clothes nowadays. Poop! When did this happen?! Even the books have been reduced to a measly 50 or so. Since I’m getting out of selling clothes, about all I had to look at was the jewelry and most was new, cheaply made costume jewelry. But I did like this cool plastic bracelet with painted peacock feathers. Likely from India, possibly made in the 1970s, but dang it was pricy. I kept hanging onto even though I knew there wouldn’t be much profit (possibly $5-10) and ended up buying it. Store one done.

My second store was an American Cancer boutique store. I went round and round. On my third time I spotted this little handmade red pottery vase. It was signed (“Hey”?) and had the feel and look of fat lava. Possibly it’s circa 1960s-1970s. Was happy with this find and I guess the pricing ladies didn’t think much of it because it was reasonable! (I should be able to make a $20+ profit. Though I need to do more research on the signature.) Store two done.

My last thrift store was run by the Junior League…oh boy. Nice stuff, but always pricy. I rarely buy anything here. (My best buy ever here was a box of vintage baby clothes for $30.) But I gave the store a thorough look-through. I bypassed the expensive Blue Willow dish, and the small Murano-style glass bowl (too many scratches) and hand-blown Italian perfume bottles in Christmas colors (though they were a possibility). Then I spotted “it.” This antique silverplated Reed & Barton trophy cup with a monogram that was “too cool for school” with its fancy birds, claws and feet.

Usually I bypass silver plate items, but this was good. It’s dusty, tarnished and has plate loss, but I would be happy to have this on my desk or mantel. Wouldn’t you? It’d make a great pencil cup, a holder for long matches or a vase spilling over with wildflowers. (I should be able to make a $30-45 profit on it.) Store three done.

So I completed the challenge and found three times I can sell in my store. No huge scores or outstanding bargains though, but I had fun and will make a profit. And lunch afterwards? Lunch was delightful. A bustling cafe, good food and even better company and conversation. 🙂

Would love to hear if you’ve found any bargains at boutique thrift stores.

As always, happy hunting,



  1. Great finds! Last summer I found a vintage (I believe 1940’s) dress at Welfare League for only $10. It’s in excellent condition. Normally the prices there are high but they were liquidating all their vintage clothes!

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