50% Off? Yes, Please!

I’ve been thinking that I need to slow down my buying a bit. I never fully dealt with my whole “death pile” this past winter. And now that yard and estate sales are in full bloom, even with restrained, very selective buying, I’m getting seriously backlogged in listing…again! But the estate sale email mentioned that most everything was 50% off today and I was hankering to get out.

I got to the house by 8:00 a.m. for a 9:00 a.m. opening and was the first one there. Apparently this company doesn’t do sign-up sheets, so I plunked myself down on the front step and pulled out my book. Despite the wait I was a happy camper. It didn’t take long for a few more folks to arrive and I got chatting with a guy.

Turns out he’s been a dealer for 20 years. He was nice, but quickly got into “mansplaining” mode. Without knowing anything about me or my business he couldn’t resist “educating” me. Sigh. Must we go there? Thankfully after 10 minutes others arrived and the conversation changed.

Once inside there was no more talking and the hunt began!

First item in my basket…two beautiful Italian filet lace table toppers.

I really liked the graphic quality of this little Native American pot. It’s from Acoma, New Mexico, and signed Mickey.

Normally I wouldn’t go for a sad iron, but this etched brass one was so cool and beautiful with a great patina of usage.

It opens in the back to put in the heated? cast iron brick. (Wouldn’t this be a fun place to hide valuables?)

Then I saw this curious box. Hmmm…

I turned the toggle at the top and lifted it off to reveal a small set of poker chips in a wood base! The chips are likely bakelite though I haven’t tested them yet. [Poop…not bakelite!] There’s space underneath to slide a deck of cards. How cool is this? I’ve never seen anything like it.

Love this little glass/crystal perfume bottle with a fancy “gem” band. A perfect thing to class up a vanity or take on a vacation.

Didn’t focus much on the jewelry (for some reason) but I did like this old sterling silver Masonic locket/money clip. It’s engraved on the back. I read this might have been used to store secret membership papers.

Isn’t this tea strainer with its drip pan adorable. It’s sterling silver and marked for Webster.

Bought this vintage Johnson & Johnson First Aid Travelkit. It doesn’t have all the original bits left, but most. Do folks even use Mercurochrome anymore?

Wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy this little lightweight sterling silver dish, but in the end I did. It’s engraved “Gladys” and “Dec. 17, 1914.”

And, good grief, this vintage leather-bound travel journal in pristine condition was only $1.50. It still has East and West Germany, the USSR, etc.

My total: $119.00. I’m happy with everything I got (and glad I went!), and though I have a lot of research to do, I anticipate a healthy profit.

Hope your hunting has been grand too!



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