Sell What You Love

In the early days of my Etsy store I watched a lot reseller YouTube videos–some for entertainment and others to see what I could learn–and I took to heart some of their “what to buy” advice. I bought vintage men’s ties. I bought vintage ladies stockings. I bought vinyl records.

Never loved these 1980s stockings. UNSOLD after two years. Now in my donate pile.

I still have the stockings, some of the records and a few of the ties. And I realized I don’t want to be selling ties, stockings or records. Nor do I want to sell Legos (vintage or otherwise), old video games, secondhand designer shoes or vintage stereo equipment. 1960s Pyrex leaves me cold, carved wooden tribal masks give me the creeps and most figurines are “meh” IMHO.

Now all of these things can be profitable for resellers. Some seriously profitable, but they just don’t interest me. And I discovered my business works best, and I am happiest, when I sell things I am passionate about.

Maybe it’s the same for you. Or maybe you’re shaking your head thinking I’m a fool. There are antique dealers who say you should never sell what you love because you’ll feel like you’re “selling your children.” But whether I’m foolish or not, I’m both enjoying my business more and am more successful!

Here’s Why I Sell What I Love

I have more fun sourcing! It doesn’t feel like work. In fact it’s a pleasure. A treat.

I have more enjoyment researching and learning about items. I love figuring out what something is and it’s potential value. I have a small, but growing, collection of reference books as well as favorite web sites that I delve into on a regular basis.

I fuss around with photography more. It shouldn’t be like this, but it’s true. If I really like the item I’ll spend more time trying to capture its beauty and uniqueness. Retaking photos, adding props…fussing!

I feel good about adding it to my store. Period.

I enjoy the item until it sells. Our house is decorated (at least in part) with items that I have listed in my online stores. It keeps our decor interesting!

A Few Favorites Over the Years

SOLD. This plaster box lived on our family room mantel.
SOLD. Really loved this icon.
Vintage signed hand made cotton quilt, UNLISTED. Can’t bear to part with this yet.
Cool Danish-style candleholders, FOR SALE. These live on our bookshelves.
SOLD. Just a neat little Chinese box that spoke to me.
Darling Victorian baby ring/midi ring, FOR SALE. If I wore midi rings I’d keep this!
Tyrone Irish balloon goblets, so far UNLISTED. My friend Lauri doesn’t think I should ever part with these. They live on top of my china hutch.
SOLD, aren’t these mini sterling silver shakers cute?
SOLD, fabulous older leather case from Germany. This lived on our coffee table.

It’s nice to be at the point where I can be faithful to myself and the types of things I want to sell. Would love to hear about your buying and selling strategy.

As always, happy hunting,



  1. I definitely could only sell things that I love! My selling was all hobby-based. I would often sell things right out of my own collection and then buy more stuff. I was constantly buying and selling vintage smalls and jewelry. I’m more into vintage clothing now, and I only re-sell what doesn’t fit me. But bottom line is I can’t imagine wanting to sell stuff I have no interest in collecting myself.

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  2. Totally makes sense. If you love it, it interests you, if it interests you, you study it, if you study it, you become an ‘expert’, if you become that ‘expert’, you’ll make it profitable each time you purchase an item to sell.
    So, that makes you, my dear an expert!! And, we all benefit from you!
    MANY thanks!

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