Buying a Piece of Howard’s Childhood and Other Goodies

I’m slowly climbing out of my rut and getting my joy back. And the other day helped. I was perusing my neighborhood thrift store before heading to the gym and the first thing I found was this fabulous vintage Boy Scout sash with with 21 badges.

I love finding stuff like this. It has a cloth name tag sewn in as well as paper tag with Howard’s name, address and troop number back in Oklahoma City. I believe this is circa 1960s/70s.

I enjoyed my two years of Girl Scouts and can picture Howard having adventures while earning these Boy Scout badges: swimming, studying astronomy, learning first aid…. Though I am a bit saddened that stuff like this ends up at a thrift store. Is Howard gone? Did his family not want this? Or maybe he has no family. Oh geez. Anyway I’m glad I spotted it…in the Halloween aisle! Yes, the store is already putting out Halloween stuff and this was seen as costume material. Not sure what I’ll list it for as sold and current prices are all over the place.

And then I had one of those weird thrifting moments. The day before I had sold this Disney Mulan tri-fold picture frame (not my normal type of item but vintage Disney sells) and then, bingo, the next day I find another one!

These frames are not common at all. Right now I only found one for sale online and it’s priced at $80! I had sold mine for $40 (bought for $4), so I’ll list my new one (bought for $6.69) for a bit more.

I also couldn’t resist these Norwegian pewter napkin rings with Viking scenes.

They appear unused and come with half a box (!) and the little product brochure. Wouldn’t they make a nice Christmas gift?

I wanted to buy this Munsing wood bowl with painted roosters which was in fabulous condition except it was missing one of its three feet. Poop!

Priced at almost $7, but missing one of its feet!

A few days earlier, I’d bought other goodies, like this handmade skeleton/chili pepper pottery bowl in perfect condition. I’m guessing it was made for salsa or chili, but could be used for almost anything.

I waffled a bit on this vintage brass hands dish. They are modeled after a Victorian pair but these are likely 1950-ish. I’m guessing the Victorians used them as calling card trays.

These do sell according to WorthPoint, but I’m a little worried this may be one of my boondoggles! What do you think?

And while I was cleaning out one of the storage cubby holes in my house, I found a beautiful Dale of Norway wool sweater tucked in a bag!

Generously sized Medium, unisex?

For the life of me I can’t remember where or when I bought this or how much I paid. Does this happen to anyone else? [Just sloughed through some handwritten records and discovered I purchased this at Goodwill in December 2016 for $10.45!] And why, oh why, haven’t I listed this yet?? Well, I’m going to remedy that and hopefully this it will sell this fall/winter.

I’ll close for now, wishing you happy hunting,



  1. I wondered the same thing about the Boy Scout badges… why is someone’s ‘childhood’ in a thrift store? I love those hands. My grandma had a white glass hands soap dish. She kept little strawberry shaped soaps in it.

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