Saying “Yes” to the…Coat!

First, let me say I hadn’t been out sourcing for five days. I’ve been a good girl and listing previously bought items and working on a freelance writing project. But I was ready for a little fun and popped into my neighborhood thrift store yesterday.

As I perused the small store, swinging my hand-held basket, I found a number of things, but just wasn’t sure about them. This realistic rhino mug was darn cool, but I passed on it.

Please don’t tell me this worth a lot!

I also passed on this large vintage cat figurine made in Italy for $6+, though I was tempted. If it’s still there for the store’s Labor Day sale I may pick it up!

And I said no to this small stone ginger jar. I have done well with onyx and marble items, but this item just wasn’t good enough. It had a few small scratches and I didn’t find the color-mix appealing at all.

But I did say yes to this made in Portugal, hand-painted bowl made for Tiffany & Co. Circa 1990s, this Lisbon bowl originally retailed for $180. It’s in beautiful condition and the perfect size for pasta, fruit, muffins.

I’ll be listing this for $60.

And I really like this artisan-made pottery jug. My photo doesn’t do it justice. I’ll be keeping this for a while, putting a few branches or wildflowers in it.

As I was paying for my two finds I spotted a coat hanging behind the counter. It had a great ’60s vibe and looked so Bonnie Cashin to me.

It’s not quite this vibrant, but more of a light olive.

I asked the sales clerk if it was sold and he said no it had just come in. I said, “Well, can you hold if for me while I take these things out to my car?” And he did. After dropping my purchases in my trunk I skipped back inside to check out this coat. The label inside said it was from a store in Carmel-by-the-Sea–a tony California town. Looked promising.

I took it into a dressing room to try it on and look it over in private and found this…

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Meg Ryan in “When Harry Met Sally.”

I knew I had seen those toggles before! Even though I’d been telling myself “no more clothes” this Bonnie Cashin coat was worth the $$…fifty smackers to be exact.

It even has the pockets on the back.

After I bought it home and was checking the pockets I found a bonus item! This quirky camel scarf was wrapped in tissue paper in one of the back pockets. It’s polyester made in Japan for Baar & Beards. I’m guessing the previous owner wore this scarf with this coat.

I know this coat will be a long, long-tail item, but fingers-crossed, it was a good investment. I’ll be listing it for $300.

Bonnie Cashin (September 28, ca. 1908– February 3, 2000) was an American designer considered to be one of the pioneering designers of American sportswear. She created practical, uncomplicated clothing that catered to the independent woman of the post-war era…Her use of leather, mohair and hardware was pioneering and the brass turnlocks that kept the top of her 1940s convertible down became a signature feature of all of her designs.

Cashin coats

So it was a fun little sourcing trip, though more expensive than I had anticipated!

Wishing you happy hunting,


P.S. In the mood to shop, many Etsy stores have items on sale for Labor Day. You can check out mine here which includes a little bit of everything.


  1. I LOVE Reading Your blog. I always look forward to what you have to share with us. I LOVE The Coat. Thanks for educating me on this brand and sharing the other pictures. I will keep my eyes open for the likes.

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