Quirky Flea Market Haul

On most Saturdays, when the weather is nice, one of our local high schools hosts a half-day flea market. And I am shocked to admit that in all the years I’ve lived here I’ve never gone. Not once. Well this Saturday, after a rather trying week, I decided it was time to go and have some fun.

Today was bright and sunny with 40+ vendors spread out over the parking lot. Some displayed new things and crafts and there were usual piles of used clothes, shoes and toys, but thankfully there was enough stuff that interested me too.

The first thing I picked up (but didn’t buy) was this rusty, cast iron pulley for $10. It was good, but good enough at that price?

Loved this beautiful pair of antique mother of pearl and brass opera glasses, but at $125 I had to walk away. (I didn’t even have that much cash with me!)

I adore small Native American pots like this and have done well with them in my store. This pot (a signed Navajo piece) was marked down to $20, a fair price, but wasn’t sure it would leave me enough profit. Possibly?

One woman had a big professional booth with 3 tables set up with thousands of pieces of jewelry in trays, but to be honest it was rather overwhelming and some of the prices I saw didn’t leave much meat on the bone. I didn’t end up staying long here. Maybe next time I’ll peruse longer with her and try to put together a bundle.

But in the end I did buy a quirky collection of things

Like this vintage Catherine Popesco bracelet from France. I had never heard of the brand but it looks quality. (Sold prices are all over the place but I’ll do okay with it.)

At the same small card table (that’s all this vendor had) I bought this teeny Italian micro-mosaic glass picture frame. (I adore micro-mosaic items.) This one even comes complete with a tiny watercolor painting.

Turns out everything on the table was $10, but I asked the seller if I could have the bracelet and frame for $15 and she agreed!

From another vendor I bought this nicely painted Russian lacquer brooch. Paid more I wanted to but I think there’s a little profit left in it. Haven’t figured out the fairy tale it represents yet.

Okay, now this is a little bit of folly, but having grown up in the shadow of Buffalo (NY), I had to buy this small carved onyx buffalo (for $5). This might be heading to my curio cabinet.

Also spotted this curious Norwegian pewter thingy, which is not a cup.

It has a removable top section with holes (a flower frog) which has a well which accommodates two different sizes of candles. The girl blowing the horn is Prillar-Guri–a “legendary figure who according to oral tradition was a woman from Sel, Norway, who played a key role in the Battle of Kringen.” (Wikipedia)

It’s marked “Kyrre, Norsk Tinn Pewter, BJH, 49.” Truth be told, this kind of pewter is not worth a lot and I probably shouldn’t have bought it, but I did!

At this vendor’s stall I also saw this rock specimen. Turns out it’s known as Picasso jasper. Wish I would have asked the price on that!

My last two buys were from the same vendor who had a lot of interesting bits. I picked up this naive hand-painted wood icon of St. Achatius, a Roman soldier in the 2nd century who was crucified (though other accounts say he was beheaded) after he became a Christian and converted many of his fellow soldiers.

It’s signed “Angela Sandoval” on the back.

And I got was this scary dog pot, which has a Pre-Columbian/Mayan kind of look, but I’m sure isn’t that old. Because that would be bonkers finding a piece of Pre-Columbian pottery for $3!

Still I think it’s got something going on and I’m going to spend some time researching it. (If you’ve got any ideas, let me know!)

I was only there about an hour or so, but spent most of my cash and had a great time. (I’d forgotten how chatty flea market vendors can be!) Not sure yet what I’ll be listing things for or what my potential profit could be, but today was more about having fun and finding a few quirky things. Mission accomplished!

As always, happy hunting,


P.S. I’m already looking forward to going again!


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