More Competition

My neighborhood thrift store is definitely seeing more shoppers these days, many of them pickers like me and many I’ve never seen before. (After eight years of haunting hunting at this store, I’ve gotten used to seeing lots of familiar faces.) Even early Sunday morning is busier! So I decided it was time to switch up my shopping style on the more crowded days: Do a quick perusal down my favorite aisles to see what jumps out at me and than go back and look more thoroughly.

Is this change making any difference? Hard to say. But I figure as long as continue to find good things at prices that leave enough potential profit, I’ll be there.

Finds From the Last 10 Days (Spent $42)

Last Sunday I spotted this ceramic chinoiserie fruit bowl by James Kent, England right away on my “quick perusal.” I love, love, love its sweet pattern (Chinese Rose) and great condition.

Another day I found this neat signed art glass vase. It took me a while to figure out the acid mark signature. Turns out it’s a Swedish Kosta Boda piece by Kjell Engman. Circa 1980.

Another Swedish find was a fantastic Wilhelm Kåge, Gustavsberg, Argenta ceramic vase decorated with inlaid silver leaves. I walked by this twice before it caught my eye, but I’m so glad it did.

It’s small but surprisingly heavy.

When I flipped it over and saw it was from Sweden, I knew it was going in my basket. Scandinavian pottery, particularly mid century, is still darn desirable and I have to admit part of me is tempted to keep this!

Then I spotted two hilarious ceramic pieces, a bowl and a plate. Turns out they are Wallyware by ceramicist Tom Edwards.

The Wallyware line has been around since 1983 but the plate is definitely newer given its reference. I’ll list them on eBay, likely as a set, though I’m not sure about the price yet.

And this little burnished pottery vase, likely from Mexico, was a “heart buy.” I loved its sweet birds, colors and deliciously smooth finish.

I’ve tucked this in my curiosity shelf for now.

So despite lots more buyers these days, lots more competition, I’m still pleased with what I’m finding. Now I just need to up my selling game!

Happy hunting,


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