Recent Emails I Received as a Vintage Seller

Lately I’ve been getting a higher volume of emails about items in my store and I do answer every one. Sometimes they make me smile, but other times I shake my head. I have removed any names and some info, but thought I would share the stories.

Cheeky Offers

I had a fabulous antique Silver Crest bronze with sterling overlay vase in my store for $150, on sale for $135, which was a great price.

I received this message…

would you consider a $100 offer…please don’t be disturbed by my offer i don’t want you to think im rude or overbearing

I politely declined the offer and then checked what Silver Crest items were listed for on Etsy. All similar vases were listed for $200 and up. Higher than when I originally listed this item. I decided to raise the price on mine! It’s now $175. Thank you sir, your cheeky offer spurred me to reevaluate this item.

Relatively Speaking

I have a lot of two small Parisian paintings for a nice price of $125 with free shipping. The style and subject matter of these paintings is fairly common, still they are charming.

I received this message about one of the paintings in the lot:

I believe it was done by my Great Grandmother – I recognize her style and the signature is unique and recognizable. She and I were very close. I have a few of her other paintings and it would mean a lot to me to have this one as well.

I was thrilled that she had found this. I said if she wanted to buy just the one painting it would be $75 (the cost of the painting plus shipping).

She never got back to me. I thought that was curious. I’m guessing she thought I would just give it to her?!

Sweet Gift

Here’s an international message…

You have a limited edition Merrythought bear for sale with a black and white polka dot Tie. I would really love to be able to buy this bear. I have just like this but would like another to be able to give to my daughters for our grandchildren our first is due in September. Would you consider shipping this to the UK?

I was happy to accommodate her. I figured out the shipping cost, adjusted the listing so she could buy it and she did. It’s now on the way–an English-made bear returning to its homeland!

SOLD for $58.50 plus shipping.


Sometimes I receive messages about condition. I try to be thorough in describing condition issues as well as providing close-up photos. Still some folks need reassurance. I received this message about an amber pin…

Does the stone have a crack in it or any chips or discoloration?

SOLD for $70 with free shipping.

I let her know there was no damage and she bought the pin.

For a Priest

I received a note about this silver-plated Polish icon I had in my store.

SOLD for $125 with free shipping.

The gal wanted to know if it could be delivered by a certain date for a priest’s ordination anniversary. While I said it should arrive before that date, I couldn’t guarantee it. But she decided to risk it. I also included the history of the previous owner of the piece who was a nun.

Here’s the email I received later…

THANK YOU! I just received the package. It’s beautiful. I really appreciated the special note you sent. I will definitely give you a five-star review. You made my day!!

A Little of That and That

And that’s usually how it goes. I get a little of this and that. Typically most emails do not result in sales. Still responding to potential buyers is an important part of any business.

Hope you are staying well,


P.S. Quite a few items on sale this month in my Etsy store.


  1. I am curious what you say to Etsy messengers, they typically only write me asking for a lower price, and a few I’ve offered a slight discount but then they counter. I have no intention of countering with a second offer and I often rethink my original offer?!

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    1. Hi Debbie. Sometimes I’ll work with people on the price, but when I know my original price is competitive and on target with similar items in the market, I just decline. I’m surprised that some folks counter your discount! All the best, Karen


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