A Day of Small Pleasures

I like my pleasures small and Sunday seemed to serve them up on a platter. It started with a good cup of “Sweet Italian” coffee from Santa Cruz Roasting Company and afterwards included a jaunt to my neighborhood thrift store where I bumped into my thrifting buddy J.J. After three quick rounds of the store, I was delighted to spot one sweet little thing. Amidst all the flotsam and jetsam–all the newer stuff, the cheap made-in-China stuff, the kids’ craft projects, the generic glassware and the mass-produced art–I spotted a vintage etched glass jam jar with what I thought was a silver-plated rim.

The tiny spoon inside was obviously not original to the piece and the lid seemed dubious to me too. It looked newer, not as nicely made and the opening was chipped. Yes, this set had issues. Still. Still the etching was beautifully done as was the silver rim. The piece hearkened back to a by-gone era and I decided to buy it.

Back at home, I cleaned off the tarnish and discovered a very worn sterling mark on the rim! Yes!!

Can you see the letters?

So glad I decided to buy this little 1920-1940 beauty. Wouldn’t it make a sweet sugar dish? Or how about as a candy dish for jelly beans? Or on a vanity corralling makeup brushes. I’ll be selling this (without the tiny spoon or the dubious damaged lid) for $38 with free shipping.

Makes a sweet vase too.

And the day continued in a lovely way. As I was leaving Goodwill, I spotted this 1939 car in the parking lot. I’m not a car person, but once in a while a car turns my head…like this one. As I started taking photos of it, the owner came out and offered to take my picture with the car. Even with a mask on I could tell the owner was beaming with (understandable) pride.

Later I went with my youngest daughter to an amateur Grateful Dead concert in a nearby park. There were only 40 or so concert goers and we were all spread out so it felt safe. I loved seeing the little kids get out and dance.

This little gal in the middle had some great moves.

So all in all it was a lovely day of sweet little pleasures. Nothing over-the-top exciting but the kind of day where it felt good to be alive.

Hope all is well in your neck of the woods,


P.S. My lead photo is an image of the painting entitled “Small Pleasures” by Vasily Kandinsky, circa 1913.


      1. OH MY GIDDY AUNT, her art is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing the details! I will be lost in those pictures for some time.

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