A Moody Day…

Some mornings I wake up a little sad and am not sure why. Like today. [Written two days ago.] Then I remembered. It was my Aunt Janet’s birthday. (She’s on the left, my mom’s on the right.) She would have been 85 but died unexpectedly 12 years ago shortly after Christmas. We were close and I miss her a lot. I allowed myself a “good cry” that morning, but still I went through the day with a black cloud over my head. I found myself getting miffed about inconsequential things…like snagging my new sweater, being overcharged at the grocery store and dealing with incompetent drivers, etc. Things I normally shrug off. Things anyone normally shrugs off.

It was also during this “cloudy period” that I went to my small neighborhood thrift store. I entered the store thinking I wouldn’t find anything. In fact I was sure I wouldn’t find anything because it was that kind of day. That was my mindset. But within two minutes (!) of entering the store I had put three items in my basket. And I bought them all. And when I got home I was still glad I bought them!

First in my basket were these eight silver-plated napkin rings, made in Hong Kong. I believe these are circa 1960s-1980s. I’ll give them a quick swipe with a silver wipe before listing them at $40 with free shipping.

I love that the previous owner had donated them linked with this ribbon.

Next I popped this vintage French wrought iron candlestick into my basket. It’s a Michel et Jean-Yves Bouillot Bourgogne piece (#71220) known as a “rat de cave” candlestick. It features a rat-tail handle and a push-up feature and was the type of candlestick used in wine cellars. This has some light wear but nothing egregious.

I’ll list this at $48 with $10 shipping.

And last was this lovely vintage English tin tray depicting the French chateaux Vaux le Vicomte. The artwork is designed by Patricia Machin and the tray produced by Barnsley Canister Co. Ltd.

I’m intrigued by this haunting moonlit scene with people lounging in the foreground, musicians on the edges and a few critters.

I’ll list this at $50 plus shipping.

And bonus, it’s in beautiful condition. Wouldn’t this be fun for serving drinks?

My total for the three items was $15.17. Better prices than I would have got at an estate sale. I know it sounds silly, but these lovely finds helped shift my mood a bit and I was able to break the cycle of negative thinking that had plagued me at the start of the day. Later I indulged in a further trip down memory lane, cried a bit more, then had a nice dinner with my family and ended the day feeling blessed!

Happy (and safe) hunting,


P.S. If you are interested in any these items before I list them in my Etsy store I can provide more details and photos and accept payment through PayPal. (Please use my contact form.)


  1. Some days are like that for me too… I’m particularly sensitive with regard to “special days” like a beloved late person’s birthday and similar.
    I love the photo of your Mum and Auntie! They both look so cute and interesting ❤
    I'm glad though that you found these nice items to somewhat lift your spirits 🙂
    I really like the tray but alas, I should not acquire more… plus the postage to across the pond is sadly rather silly…. tempting though
    Hugs xx

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    1. Hi Gabriella. The next four weeks are a minefield of those “special days”, but typically I don’t stay moody for too long! I do better if I allow myself to grieve a little.

      That tray tempts me too! But I’m trying not to keep too many of my finds.

      XOXO, Karen

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