Thrift Store Redemption

I wasn’t going to go anywhere yesterday, but I had a molasses emergency! Well, “emergency” is a bit of hyperbole, but still I knew I needed to buy some. My youngest daughter requested gingerbread cookies instead of a cake for her birthday and my remnant of molasses wasn’t going to cut it. And since I was out anyway I popped into my neighborhood thrift store. Naturally. And by golly, I had a little redemption from my semi-disastrous finds of a few days ago!

I spotted two pieces of 1960s/1970s West German art pottery in vivid reddish-orange with flecks of brown in beautiful condition.

Both have a clean, mod look and their bold color would punch up a shelf or mantel.

Pottery like this is still fairly common and not usually valuable, but still worth selling in my opinion…and wouldn’t it be fun to have something from the “era of groovy” and not a reproduction! (I’ll list the pair for $50, plus shipping.)

And I finally found another piece of vintage jewelry amidst the plethora of newer stuff (which is usually junk). It’s a stunning three-strand choker with crystals, glass art beads and faux pearls. Made by Vendome (a subsidiary of Coro from 1944-1953, then an independent company till its closing in 1979), this necklace dates from late 1950s to 1960s. (I can so picture my mother wearing this back in the day.) Vendome are known for high-quality costume pieces so this was a happy find!

I’ll list this for $60 with free shipping.
In shades of blue, green and white.

I was darn excited with all three items and paid $18.57 total. Sadly I heard from one of the thrift store managers that while they are getting tons (and tons) of donations, staffing is down (not enough money to hire more) and shoppers are still thin on the ground. She’s guessing most folks are still too nervous to come in.

It’s definitely the dog days of summer in my online stores. Crickets. Which is always a bit nerve wracking and I’m wringing my hands. Of course the refrain amongst sellers is “Q4 is coming.” Q4 (October, November, December) is the saving grace for most stores. But who even knows what it will look like this year with so many people financially impacted by the pandemic??

In the light of this I am keeping my inventory spending down. No huge hauls for me…unless it’s a deal too good to pass up!

Hope you are staying well and finding fabulous things,


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