Looking for Treasure…at Home

I was drinking my coffee the other morning while watching one of my favorite YouTubers (Karen of Lavender Clothesline) share her recent haul from two flea markets and several thrift stores. While not all of the things she bought are things I would have, it was fun to watch and she is an absolute delight…and of course it got me excited about finding my own treasures. So after running errands, I popped into my neighborhood thrift store to have a good rummage. I looked. And looked. And looked some more.

It was a bust. A total and complete bust. Now I could have headed to other stores, but I had been out and about for a while and was ready to be home.

But when I got home I decided why not look for treasure in my house? I knew I had some personal possessions that I could part with. Things that weren’t being fully appreciated. Things that were taking up space and gathering dust. Why not let them go? Try to find them new homes? Good plan!

So I happily rooted around my house finding little bits to list in my Etsy store. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far…

Lot of 50 vintage snapshots (1910-1960) of children and babies. I collect old snapshots and cull my collection from time to time. It’s hard to part with some of them as the images are so poignant, but I found a nice lot of 50 .

Listed for $20 plus shipping.

Hand-carved and painted Father Christmas wood ornament, most likely Russian. This little guy is beautifully done and quite collectible. I have enjoyed him for two or three years now on my curio shelves and was really on the fence about letting him go. (Don’t you love his sexy eyes?)

Listed for $45 plus shipping.

15 vintage crystal chandelier prisms. Gosh I bought these years ago. Always intended to do a project with them, though I don’t do projects!! Decided it was time to let them go.

Listed for $24 plus shipping.

Occupied Japan lusterware and moriage incense burner. I bought this at an antique store last year because it reminded me of something I had received from a great uncle but no longer owned. But I realized I don’t need this to remind me of him…I already have his green sherry glasses that I actually appreciate and use.

Listed for $24 plus shipping.

A tiny W.R. Loftus pewter #5 measure/tank. I bought this last year and stuck it with a few other miniature things in my china hutch and forgot about it. Pulled it out and decided to do some research. Turns out it’s an antique made by W. R. Loftus who were in business in England from the mid-1800s to 1919.

Listed for $22 plus shipping.

Vintage Bohemian garnet bracelet. I bought this sweetie for myself and have worn it (recently in fact), but not enough to warrant keeping it. Time to let this beauty go.

Listed at $165 plus shipping.

Anyway it’s a start. It feels good to let go of some of my own stuff.

Hope you are staying well, keeping safe and hunting for vintage things to your heart’s desire,



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