I Broke a Vow and Bought It

I’ve been a good girl staying at home, but after three days I was actually excited to run my usual Monday morning errands. (Honestly! I even put on jewelry before I went out.) My route included the post office, drug store, grocery store and Goodwill–all within a three-mile radius. Of course my favorite errand was Goodwill. And by golly when I walked in the store I immediately spotted something I vowed I would never buy again–a bisque piano baby. Once upon a time I had two small (5″) ones in my store. One sold. The second languished and just wouldn’t sell. Finally I donated it. And thought never again. No. No. No.

But the piano baby staring me in the face on Monday was huge (12″) and when I flipped it over it had a maker’s mark that was likely European. I knew this was too good to leave behind. I had to break my vow. (Come to me chubby piano baby!)

Back at home I researched this and discovered (with glee I might add) that it’s an antique German Heubach (1882-1915) piece.

These typically sell in the $100-$200 range. And looking at Worthpoint data Heubach piano babies do indeed sell–which is good as both my husband and youngest daughter are creeped out by mine! Two similar ones sold in October for $75 and $80, which is on the low side, but still respectable. Well, we’ll see how long it takes to sell. (I’m listing mine for $125 which is on the lower end of those currently listed for sale.)

Here’s just a few that sold in October.

Now I spotted these brass deer figurines with a combined cost of $15+ and I decided against them. I don’t know why. I like brass items and have done well with similar items but I didn’t put them in my basket. I think that was a mistake. (Pooh!)

Why, oh why, didn’t I buy these?

Still when I pass up good items, I don’t get too upset because I know there is so much good stuff still waiting to be found. And five minutes later I did find something else good–four boxes of 1950s Max Eckardt Shiny Brite ornaments. These are just plain (in a lovely shade of cerise) not the super duper indented ones or striped ones or those in shapes of bells, etc., but still darn cool in their original boxes with 54-cent price stickers.

Paid $6.76. Will list all four boxes as a lot for $70.

And last week I bought this wonderful artisan-made pot at a boutique thrift store. I adore hand-made pottery and keep an eye out for it. Most of what I’ve been seeing lately though are pieces from the late ’70s. Chunky, earthy items in shades of brown–goblets and casserole dishes that you could imagine once served up dandelion wine and tofu casserole. In my early picking days I bought stuff like that. Discovered it wouldn’t sell at any price! But small pots do sell and I like this one by master potter Greg Worthington with its delicious, thick drippy glaze.

And on Shopgoodwill.com I bought a classic “100 children” Chinese embroidery. I don’t think it’s very old, (certainly not antique) but it’s nicely done and without damage. I don’t know much about these though some can command good money.

Traditionally sized at 26″ by 13″.

Here’s a closeup…

So I’m buying just a few things here and there. Interesting bits. But no mega hauls, just enough to keep things ticking over! Plus I am letting go of more items from my personal collections…trying to downsize a bit, which feels good.

Wishing you happy (and safe) hunting,


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