A Rare MCM Find and Wonderful Buyers

Jeez Louise, here we are in the last month of 2020 and I’m still shaking my head in disbelief how this year has gone. What a crazy, crazy year. And due to soaring Covid numbers in my county and diminishing hospital beds, we are heading into lockdown again on Dec. 6 at 10:00 p.m. until Jan. 4th.

Despite the craziness, I am grateful for many things. One of them being that my little vintage business has done pretty well this year. I have even managed to find a few good things here and there–true gems amongst the flotsam and jetsam.

Yesterday I found one such gem that my husband said is the BEST thing I’ve ever bought! It’s a perfectly made mid-century leather and Corfam shoe cigarette lighter.

Isn’t this fabulous?? I found it on a shelf with a bunch of Christmas decorations. So far I have not found one online like it–anywhere! The bottom is embossed: “Corfam, Charter Manufacturer, June 1964.” Turns out Corfam was a faux-leather product invented by DuPont in the late1950s and shoes made with it in the 1960s had real leather bottoms and a Corfam top.

Perhaps this was an early prototype made into a lighter and given to execs of the “charter manufacturers” of Corfam shoes?

Regardless, it’s a rare thing and pricing this has been difficult with no direct comps to refer to. Of course as a seller I can price things however I want, but that doesn’t mean they’ll sell at that price. I know of sellers who routinely throw “whackadoodle” prices on things figuring “it’s worth a shot.” But personally I spend quite a bit of time assessing the fair market value of items.

For this unique cigarette lighter I looked at sold listings on Worthpoint in the “rare novelty cigarette lighter” category to help my decision making. In the end I decided I will list this for $125. Here’s my thinking, it’s 1) rare/unique, 2) mid-century modern, 3) well made and 4) will appeal to different types of collectors (tobacciana, MCM lovers, shoe lovers, etc). I’m also thinking perhaps someone from the DuPont Corp. might want this, though Corfam was not a great product line for them and was sold off in 1971. Time will tell how I do with it.

Wonderful Buyers

It shouldn’t make a difference if an item goes to a “good home” or not. It’s just a monetary transaction. You give me money. I send you the item. But still it does warm my heart when a buyer takes the time to let me know how much he or she liked the item and leaves a sweet review. It’s a wonderful sense of validation. And honestly I do like knowing that the item is “living on” and being enjoyed. It’s just so, darn, cool!!

Here are a few recent reviews with backstories…

I bought this leather vest for $10 at a yard sale over two years ago. It was worn in places and missing a belt, but still wearable and fabulous. Kinda James Dean-ish I thought. Still it lingered despite being modeled by my lovely friend here and I lowered the price to $40 and it sold. I couldn’t be happier with the person who bought it!

“My order came yesterday and I am beyond happy with it. The leather vest is perfect and exactly what I have been searching for. And at an awesome price. And I got it in only a couple of days after ordering. It has all the quirkiness and one of a kindedness ( maybe not a word haha) that I expect from a vintage item. Bravo Lion and Lamb Vintage! Will most definitely be checking out more at your corner of Etsy! ‘

These earrings were given to me by my friend Ann in a bag of other jewelry she didn’t want. Turns out they were 10kt gold with small diamonds and I asked if she wanted them back but she was happy for me to have them. (Ann, I owe you lunch when next we meet!) The buyer adores vintage and antique jewelry and we had several lovely messages back and forth talking about our favorite pieces. I am so delighted these are now her’s. (Sold for $150.)

“Shipment arrived early. These earrings are top end quality and gorgeous. Pictures do not do them justice. If you are looking for something cool and unique, look no farther than Lion and Lamb Vintage. Wonderful seller, too, whose enthusiasm for oldies but goodies is evident in her super cordial communications. Had a very pleasant experience with this purchase and give it FIVE STARS for total satisfaction all around.”

This sterling and glass spinner charm was part of an English silver charm bracelet I acquired a year or so ago. The buyer selected this piece as a gift and if I remember correctly I even wrapped it. The buyer missed my mentions in the listing that this was a “glass citrine” but still was pleased with her purchase and left me a nice review. (Sold for $40.)

“This item arrived in time for a Birthday! Thanks! My purchase, a little antique pendant, has a (perhaps faux) medium cognac Citrine that can be turned and spun. It is suspended by a nicely decorated bail. I consider it a fine addition to the young recipient’s jewelry collection. Be assured of finding interesting and unusual jewelry, etc., at LionandLambVintage: Wishing you a Happy and Warm Thanksgiving.”

So thank you kind buyers for going the extra mile to leave a review that made me smile and reaffirmed why I am in this business. And thank you readers for being part of this journey.

Stay safe and well,



  1. Most interesting blog this week! Please be sure to let all your readers know what happens with the shoe lighter! Wishing you well with the lock down and Merry Christmas!

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