“Twas the Night Before Christmas”…Well Almost!

Even though we wake to frost on the roofs, by midday it is in the upper 50s/low 60s and gloriously sunny. It’s just a few days from Christmas and I am lounging outside in leggings and a flannel shirt. This. This is one of the reasons I love living in the San Francisco Bay Area. The temperate weather suits me to a “T.” Just a few weeks ago I planted a lemon tree in our yard. Well, I say tree, but it’s really a twig. Barely two feet tall and about as thick as a pencil. But it seems to be settling in and growing. We’ll see how long it takes till it looks like a tree!

This Christmas I am not making much of an effort on the food front. I made a big fuss for Thanksgiving dinner, including cooking a turkey which I hadn’t done for years. But I just don’t have the energy or inclination to cook this Christmas. I suppose in part because my oldest daughter and her boyfriend won’t be joining us due to the pandemic restrictions. Which is smart because the Covid numbers here are super high and the ICU wards are packed.

California Covid Cases

Still it makes me sad. This will be the first year we won’t all be together. But many around the world have the same story. And worse. Many have loved ones they will never see again. So I’m trying be grateful for all I have (which is a lot)!

I thought I was almost done buying for my Etsy shop this year but decided to pop in my neighborhood thrift store on my way to buy groceries. It’s what I do. Pop in and do a quick rummage around. This day I said “no” more than “yes” but overall I’m happy with my choices.

The store has a ton of holiday decorations this year and amidst all the Christmas flotsam, I found this charming hand-carved folk art wood Father Christmas. He’s dated 1994 on the bottom.

I liked this vintage (likely 1930s/1940s) Italian print of “Mary of the Miraculous Medal.” It’s so nicely framed that it’s obvious someone loved this.

I thought this vintage black velvet clutch from India was striking and the design uses real gold and silver thread (as noted on a label inside). I looked this up before I bought it and saw that similar purses can do quite well (over $100), particular those by Zari. Mine doesn’t have a maker’s label, but still thought it was worth a shot!

I need to de-lint this pretty clutch before I list it for $45.

I haven’t bought many purses lately, but I liked this zany hippie patchwork leather tote purse. It wasn’t vintage (you could tell by the magnetic closure) but still it was nicely made. Turns out it’s a Kooba purse but darn, there are quite a few for sale online. Many brand new with tags. Originally priced at $198, most resellers have listed their NWT ones for $80, which means my pre-owned one will need to go for a lot less. Poop! Probably should have left this behind.

I’ll list this for $40.

My total for these four items was $17 and change.

I didn’t have any sales for a few days and was relieved. Frankly items at this point are not going to arrive in time for Christmas and I don’t want to be part of buyer disappointment. Plus it’s nice to have a little down time.

Hope your holiday is wonderful.


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