What’s Selling in 2021

Tomorrow, February 2nd, is the 9-year-anniversary of my Etsy store, Lion & Lamb Vintage. It’s been an interesting journey and I started writing a “reflective” post about it a few days ago. But the post is turning out serious (I’ll save it for another day) and I wanted something lighter for my anniversary. So instead I’m showing you what sold in January and will highlight a few of the more interesting pieces and transactions. Sound good?!

Here we go…

The Royal Worcester porcelain Easter egg coddlers (1st row) were not something I normally would have bought, but a neighbor gave me a pair in a different pattern (thank you Sue!!) and my research showed me that people do buy these! So when I saw these in the Easter egg and hen pattern last week at Goodwill for $3.29 each I nabbed them. Turns out this pattern is a scarce one. I listed them for $60 (plus shipping) and they sold in a couple of days. (I likely could have listed them higher.)

The 1940s Asian/Japanese silver charm bracelet (2nd row) was one I had bought last year to split up and sell the charms individually. But it was so nicely done and lovely as is, that I didn’t have the heart. (I paid $85 on eBay using some eBay bucks to lower the cost. It sold for $170 about a week or so after I listed it and is going to someone with a Japanese surname which made me happy.)

Was a bit sad to see my wacky metal camel artwork (above) sell. I loved this one-of-a-kind piece and haven’t found anything like him. (Paid $9 at an upscale boutique thrift store in 2020 and sold for $50 plus shipping. Part of me thinks he should have had a higher price tag.)

The Iceland wool sweater (1st row) was frankly a “good riddance” piece. I bought it three years ago on Coronado Island (off San Diego) at a thrift store for $8. It still retained a store tag and had never been worn. It was fabulous quality, but it lingered and lingered in my store. (It was a women’s small, chest 38″.) I put it on sale again (and again) and it finally sold for $28 plus shipping.

The heavy cast iron door knocker (below) was an estate sale find I bought for $5 and sold for $90. But here’s the story…that day I had gone to a posh 3-day-estate sale on the first day. There were some super items in the publicity photos and I was excited. Alas it was super crowded, I almost got knocked over twice and most stuff was priced too high for me. As I drove home a bit dejected, I noticed a homemade estate sale sign and followed it to the house. By now it was raining, parking was impossible (the house was on a cul de sac) and I almost didn’t bother. It was definitely a lower-end house and sale, but in the end I bought three things and did well on all of them. You just never know! (It did take over two years for this door knocker to sell.)

Now the black, signed Navajo pottery vase (2nd row) was a fantastic $7 flea market find from November 2019. (Man I miss going to the flea market!) I loved the black glaze and striking design. On sale it sold for $54 plus shipping. I always keep an eye out for well made, signed, Native American vases and pots.

I do buy crystal from time to time limiting myself to quality pieces that are acid-etched with the maker’s name and are flaw free. Three to four years ago I was scooping up lovely decanters at my neighborhood thrift store for a song ($8 to $10) but then I dragged my heels on listing them. About three months ago I finally listed the Atlantis “Gina” crystal decanter (2nd row) for $60 plus shipping and was glad to see it head off to a new home in January.

All in all January 2021 was a very good month in my store. If you want more information about any of the other pieces I sold or why I bought them to begin with or how I came up with my pricing, please leave a comment below.

As always happy hunting, but keep safe,



  1. Congratulations on your Anniversary, Karen! I always enjoy your Hunting for Vintage posts. So good to hear that January has turned out to be a good month for you and your store!

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      1. Yes, but we now just have a small one. Since the virus, it’s been difficult acquiring stuff, so we downsized. And since we’re paying less rent, we’re making more money, so it’s been okay. 🙂
        But I miss going to auctions–the online ones are not the same.

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