Sweet President’s Day Sale Finds

Due to other commitments I wasn’t able to source much the past week so I jumped at the chance to go my neighborhood thrift store’s President Day sale–35% off all items before 1:00 p.m. They planned to open at 8:00 a.m. and I was there waiting! As you can see I wasn’t the only one. (I’m at the end of the line.)

I should add in a measure of full disclosure that I don’t need new inventory right now. I have plenty of lab glass pieces to wash and list (from that score a few weeks ago), along with over 100 vintage sterling silver charms and some other bits and bobs. But of course sourcing is the best part. The high. The thrill. So I was happy to be here today. But when they let us in, I will admit it was slow going. It’s a small store and I saw lots of stuff I had seen in previous visits. Still I went around and around (and around) and eventually ferreted out a few goodies and left with a spring in my step.

I’m not much of a figurine buyer but I really liked this vintage ceramic tiger cub marked “Made in Italy.” (There is also a smudged maker’s mark.) Similar ones are currently listed all over the place–from $50 to over $300! But the SOLDS in Worthpoint show that $100+ isn’t unusual, though typically for pieces a bit bigger than mine.

I’ll list this at $80.

He looks a little nervous here on my mantel.

This find I owe to a YouTuber! I never would thought vintage lucite confetti candlesticks were anything to buy but thanks to Jeffrey of Real Nifty Vintage I learned these have value. (I paid 97 cents!)

I’ll list these for $40.

Truth be told I don’t find much on the linen shelves. Usually it’s all used towels and sheets so I nearly gasped when I found this hidden under a pile…a Belgium tapestry titled “Departure for the Hunt.” It’s a beauty in pristine condition and similar ones are listed for $125-$300. Tapestries like this add great old world charm to a room and some of the best are made in Belgium. Antique ones can be worth some serious money.

I’ll list this for $125.

I was happy to find this signed Lapid Israel pottery tray, though it does have a little crazing and one scratch. In the past I found a mid-century modern Lapid vase that did well. The pattern on this is “Arabesque.”

I’ll list this for $40.

Okay I got five of these Texagen, Made in England, tin trays with different Beatrix Potter and Alice in Wonderland images. They appeared to be in fabulous condition and I was super excited about them. But when I got home I noticed little tape residue marks all along the inner rim. I tried to remove the residue with both rubbing alcohol and olive oil on one but did not have much success without damaging it.

I can’t even imagine what they had taped to these. While the tape marks are not super noticeable, my $40-a-tray-asking price will need to come down quite a bit. Drat and double drat!

Still I can’t complain. For $25 I picked up a passel of great vintage items at this store and, in the end, I should do well with them. In the past I’ve had a few readers who’ve commented that I should move beyond relying so heavily on thrift stores for inventory. And while I do have a variety of venues for sourcing (though not as many during this pandemic), the thrift stores in my neck of the woods continue to offer up really good items. I’ve been sourcing for nine years at this particular store (just 1 mile from my house) and it’s been a honey hole–from antique majolica, to original artwork, to Waterford crystal to unique wood carvings to MCM Danish items. So I say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

How about you? Do you have favorite honey holes where you live?

Happy hunting,



  1. Hi Karen!
    to remove the tape residual try with dedicated label remover. I have successfully used it in the past and it worked like a charm in most cases 🙂
    I haven’t had many opportunities to find interesting things in real shops – all shut. I still have many items to put up, so that’s not a problem. I just thought of you the other day, when I was looking at some bracelets with charms I wanted to list.
    I hope you’re well. Take care xx

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  2. Try Goo Gone for removing tape residue. In stubborn cases, dab a little puddle of it on the spot and let it sit for a while. Sometimes really stubborn spots require repeated treatments, with the residue fading bit by bit each time. Good luck!

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  3. That makes two of us who are surprised (and amused) to learn that those vintage lucite confetti tapers have value! Along the same lines, I will confess to a shameful fondness for those big bunches of lucite (or glass) grapes – I grew up with them but have been forbidden from picking up a set. I hope your tapers go to a wonderful new home!


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