Can’t Believe I Bought These…

There are certain things I don’t buy and sell…mainly because they don’t interest me. For example I have a cousin who is really big in Coke memorabilia. He has a big personal collection, but also sells pieces to make a little extra money. This doesn’t interest me in the least. Another relative is a coin expert, which is again not something I’ll ever pursue. And forget about vintage electronics, video games and LPs. Just not my thing.

And some items I don’t sell because they are just not worth the effort to sell online, like most ceramic salt and pepper shakers. I know for some vintage resellers salt and pepper shakers are Kryptonite. They love, love, love them. But I stay clear of shakers and have only sold one pair in nine years.

But today my resolve slipped. Because of these…

Cuteness personified and in great condition! I put them in my basket and never took them out.

Back at home I noticed the seated one had a hard-to-read imprint on the bottom…Kotobuki, which is Japanese ceramics company. Cool! Now here’s the strange thing…I’m not finding any like them for sale or that have sold. I’ve googled high and low using a variety of search terms and nada!

Here they are guarding my money tree!

It was hard to know how to price these without any sold comps or current listings, but considering their scarcity, I’ve listed them for $45.

Will I start looking for other salt and pepper shakers? No, but I’m glad I allowed myself to be open enough to consider these.

Here’s what else I’ve listed recently…

This vintage Monet tennis bracelet with stones in a delightful muted spring palette was a neighborhood thrift store find. I could see inclusions in the gems, so these are not glass or rhinestone but low-grade semi-precious stones. It’s not a high-end piece, but a pretty every day bracelet.

If I were to keep this bracelet I would remove the foldover clasp and replace it, perhaps with a bit of black velvet ribbon for a romantic look.

I’ve been working away at my huge haul of scientific lab glass from a few months ago trying to create interesting groupings of pieces. This lot of five mini pieces is one of my favorites. These look great lined up on a mantel with a pretty flower in each.

And I grouped these larger pieces together in what I’m calling “The Budding Chemist” group.

On eBay, I bought a little bracelet with sterling silver Catholic charms/medals. The bracelet itself, while marked sterling on the clasp, was magnetic (not sterling!), very light and newer than the medals. A piece of junk really. (Sigh.)

So I removed the medals which are all sterling silver with an Italian mark on back that dated these to 1968 or earlier. The detail on these small pieces is quite nice.

I will list these for $18 each.

In my personal jewelry box, I pulled out this vintage cameo. I bought it a year or two ago but I’ve never worn her. Of course with the pandemic most of my jewelry hasn’t seen the light of day for some time! Still I decided I could let it go.

And I did list the “Wabi-Sabi Collection” of three small studio pottery pieces from my last post. I love how these look together.

When I not out thrifting or busy listing, I’m enjoying spring by puttering in our yard or sitting out on our stoop. The Cecile Brunner roses that climb along our front fence are starting to bloom. Love their tiny buds.

Wishing you happy hunting and a joyous spring,


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