Appreciating the Simple Pleasures of Life

I often think that the simple pleasures of life are the best. I do love the big moments–the grand parties, traveling (especially internationally), weddings, holidays–but when it comes down to it most of life is made up of mundane moments. A lot of routine and sameness. It’s up to us see the wonder in the everyday.

Here are a few of my recent simple pleasures…

Fresh, Hot Coffee

You’d think after all years of drinking coffee I’d be bored with it, but no, I look forward to my cup of Joe each morning and the little ritual of making it. I start every day grinding up dark roast coffee beans and use my Chemex glass beaker to make pour-over coffee. Once in my cup the hot coffee gets a dash of cream. Wrapping my hands around the warm mug and taking those first sips is so lovely in the quiet pre-dawn hours.

Here’s Mary Tyler Moore making coffee with her Chemex
on her ’70s/’80s TV show by the same name.

Plant Nurseries, Fresh Herbs

A few days ago I headed to our plant nursery to get some herbs and tomato plants. I’ve been trying grow some plants from seed, but the squirrels keep digging up them up. So far I’ve planted two basils, two tomatoes and have six little parsley plants ready to stick in the ground. (I have existing oregano, rosemary and thyme year round.) There is something so satisfying about going out and picking fresh herbs for a recipe. It makes me feel very Italian or French and almost sophisticated.

Ready for planting.

Library Books

Our public library reopened this week for in-person visits and my youngest daughter and I happily went for the first time in 15 months! I felt like a kid in a candy store. I got three mysteries and four decor books. Here’s a photo from one of my library books, “Heart and Home: Rooms that Tell Stories” by Linda O’Keeffe. This is my dream shelving! (I always have more books than shelves to house them.)

Good Stuff in the Mail

Nowadays getting real mail is rare. But this past week I got a card from a girlfriend, a favorite magazine and a package! Was delighted with all three. And the package? It held this old Bohemian garnet pin I’d won on eBay. It’s small and plain of design and yet encrusted with tightly prong-set garnets which gives it a rather luxe look. This pin dates to the Victorian/Edwardian period. I’ll put this in my Etsy store at some point.


But one of the greatest simple pleasures is time spent with friends. Recently three friends (all former co-workers) and I were able to meet up for lunch for the first time in over 18 months. We’ve been friends for 25 years or so and are fond of celebrating each other’s birthdays at fabulous restaurants. But this lunch was hosted by one friend on her beautiful backyard patio overlooking a garden of riotous blooms. It was rather magical. We talked about life. The good, the bad. Warts and all. Love these women.

The four amigas–our self-timer photo attempt!

So that’s a few of my simple pleasures from this past week. Would love to hear about yours.



  1. Lovely post, and really appreciate your wise words on celebrating everyday moments. And wonderful photo of the 4 amigas! So nice to see your joyful smiles!

    Liked by 1 person

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