Life Opening Up and Fresh Finds

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area Covid-19 cases have continue to plummet and vaccination rates are strong allowing for more things to safely open up and life to start returning to normal. Hallelujah! Last weekend my husband and I went to the Cantor Arts Center on the Stanford University campus. This is a little gem of a museum. I just adore it. And on Friday I went to a retirement BBQ party for my sweet former boss. It was a delightful time and I had the chance to catch up with so many folks. Some I hadn’t seen in years. And best of all we hugged. Real hugs.

On the Vintage Hunting Front…

I’ve been buying a few bread-and-butter things. Nice things, but nothing wildly valuable. But still items that many could afford, hopefully a few will appreciate and at least one person will buy!

This Cerame Artis ceramic made-in-Portugal jar is charmingly hand painted. I think this would work in almost every room of a house. In the kitchen it could house tea bags, in the bathroom Q-tips and on a living room mantel matches.

This is a piece by California ceramic artist Pat Koszis. In the past I owned a number of her mugs, so I recognized the style of this small platter right off. This is for the mod home that is not afraid of color!

I adore original art and thought this naive folk-art painting on wood (signed and dated 1984) was a fun find. A handwritten notation on the back indicates that it was given to someone as a gift from a Swiss friend.

I don’t buy many ceramic figurines, but this Zebra mom and baby was so darned whimsical and it was marked Italy. Vintage Italian figurines can be worth some $$$.

But was this one of them? A quick search showed that vintage Italian ceramic zebras were indeed both listed for a lot and had sold in the hundreds of dollars.

But mine does not look like these realistic versions and so far I have not found anything similar so I’ll keep researching.

I hesitated on buying this vintage hand-tooled leather handbag…mainly because I’d need to spend time reconditioning it to bring it back to life. Still other than some scruffs, light wear and dirt, it’s a good, sturdy handsome handbag worthy of restoration. In the past I’ve used a product called Leather CPR but I just discovered the remaining bit in my jar has gone rancid. (I think it was at least 10 years old.) Time to buy a new jar.

Here’s how the Leather CPR worked on this vintage Swiss military leather case I sold four years ago. I know some would argue that I shouldn’t have conditioned it, but I love how it looked and felt afterwards. I rather wish I’d kept it! I’m hoping the purse turns out as good.

Chipping Away at My Backlog…

I’ve also started working away at listing my backlog of jewelry, including hundreds of charms! This 1940s/50s-era plane is a mechanical charm with wheels and a propeller that turn. In general mechanical charms are more valuable than static charms.

Now this Victorian-era silver charm bracelet was hard for me to part with! The links have a repousse design and the slightly worn charms are all solid silver. You rarely see old charm bracelets like this any more.

C’mon Fellas…

Years ago I acquired a lot of jewelry that included a tiny ladies Omega watch face. It’s a sweet little thing, but no longer runs. As I was examining the case I discovered it’s 14k gold! Well I finally listed it last week AS IS for $100. Today I received an offer of $40. Every time I list a watch I get these guys who make low-ball offers. Every time. Now granted I don’t know much about watches and it is possible that the mechanism may not be able to be fixed, but Omega is a high-end brand and it has a 14k gold case. The melt value alone is worth more than $40.

If he had made a reasonable offer I might have accepted, but he didn’t. And if it doesn’t sell, I’ll dismantle it, sell the gold for scrap and the watch face separately as a steampunk/mixed media art element and do better than $40. I mean honestly!

I’ll close for now wishing you happy hunting,


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