Buy, Sell, Keep, Donate

I stopped into my neighborhood thrift store after my post office drop-off and even though I was literally just one minute past the opening time, the store were thronged. And I’ll be honest, it put me off my game. I wandered around but had trouble focusing. Finally, I got my act together and put a few things in my basket…

First I found this cool carved wood hair pick engraved “Brother Vellies.” I thought it was a fabulous piece of vintage folk art.

But at home I googled “Brother Vellies” and it turns out it’s a company based in New York City. They currently sell this pick, called the “Malindi Comb,” for $85!! Holy smokes. Who knew??

And I put this mission-style stained-glass picture frame in my basket thinking I’d keep it for myself. I knew it wasn’t old, but I liked the colors and it was nicely made. Then I discovered it has a strong resale value. Oh gosh, I guess I’ll sell it. I mean I do keep some of my finds, but I realized I can let this one go.

A few years ago a similar one sold for $50…

So two surprisingly good things though neither is truly vintage. And while I am not keeping the picture frame I did decide to keep the vintage ceramic hobby ashtray I bought a few weeks ago…at least for now!

Listing deactivated!

I’ve had it sitting on our coffee table and I realized it was so simpatico with the vintage art pieces in our living room, like this Irving Amen print. And bonus, it reminds me of something that my aunt or gram would have made!

But I am letting go of other things. I paired this vintage shell salt shaker with my antique carved coquilla nut pounce pot (bought in Bellingham, WA). Back in the 1800s pounce pots held fine powder that was shaken over letters to help the ink dry. Mine has a some tiny loss to the carving, but still displays nicely.

Last year I had bought a number of antique Russian travel icons that were fronted in .875 silver. In the end I listed all but two of them, but have decided to let this one go too! This St. George slaying the dragon was made in Moscow 1896 if I’m reading the hallmark correctly.

I’ve also slowly been listing more of the vintage lab glassware I acquired in February of this year. I had picked up seven box loads for which I paid $100. I’ve sold four lots of varying pieces so far and am now finally in the profit with it!

Lot of nine flasks listed for $50.

I do pick up reproduction icons whenever I see them even though most are not particularly valuable. I put these three together in this handsome group.

Listed at $50.

And I’m letting go of a special piece from my antique sterling silver collectiona large Hukin & Heath cigar/cheroot case.

I love this cool artisan-made pottery fish plate and was trying to find a home for it in our kitchen, but with so little counter space, I’ve finally given up and added it to my Etsy store.

And I am also pulling a few things from my store and inventory to donate. Like this vintage crocheted baby afghan. There’s nothing wrong with it, but the high shipping cost with this low-value item makes it a hard online sale. Time to let it go!

And this cotton sports-themed fabric remnant was a silly buy from years ago. Not my thing and not really worth selling. Now if it had been designer linen toile that’s another story!

So making lots of decisions as I move forward with my little biz.

Happy hunting,


P.S. And those vintage handmade bone and ebony dominoes in the top photo, yep, they are for sale too.


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