A Quintet of Finds

My car has been in and out of the shop lately finally getting a long-standing problem fixed. Unfortunately the car work coincided with my husband’s workplace reopening so there were days I was without wheels and didn’t go anywhere. But I finally got out the other day and found three things at my neighborhood thrift store and two more the next day.

Now these are just bread-and-butter finds–lower-value items that more folks can afford. For many of us they represent the bulk of our inventory. And while I am trying to segue to higher-end items, I don’t want to totally eliminate this category.

Here’s what I bought and why…

Small Waterford Crystal Jug

I spotted this jug on a top shelf and knew it was a quality piece. That made me realize how much I’ve learned over the years. I didn’t grow up with crystal and keep saying I’m “not a crystal person” and yet I am attracted to it and can now spot pieces.

Well this jug was very dirty in the store and it took me over a minute to find the faint Waterford acid-etched mark on the bottom. But I did and I always buy Waterford if it’s in good condition, which this is. While this particular piece (in the Glandore pattern) is not rare, it has enough value to make it worthwhile to resell. Plus it’s not only usable as a jug, but would make a cute vase.

Will list for $48 plus shipping.

Why did I buy it? Quality crystal sells for me. Not quickly, but it does sell.

French Pottery Mustard Jar

I thought this hand-made pottery jar that would look great corralling wooden spoons in a kitchen or serving as a planter for lavender. It’s missing its original cork stopper and really not worth selling on its own online, but I think it’s good enough to set it aside till I find similar or complementary French items to make a lot. In the meantime I may use this in our kitchen! (A “funny” side note–another online seller has this listed as an 18th century antique because of the printed date. Oy vey!)

Why did I buy it? It has a great graphic look and French items remain popular in decor.

Vintage Metal/Enamel/Crystal Picture Frame

I don’t buy many picture frames but when I find one embellished with enamel, crystals and faux pearls I get excited! While unbranded, it has the remnants of a Nordstrom’s price label on the back. It is missing two small pearls but that don’t detract from its glamour.

Why did I buy it? It is similar in quality and beauty to popular, pricey Jay Strongwater frames. (If you don’t know that brand you’ll want to check it out.)

Rita Walker Pottery Cupped Hand

I thought this carved pottery hand was so fun and quirky. I’m guessing it was made for collecting rings and such. It could also be used as an incense burner or ashtray.

Why did I buy it? It’s artisan-made with a great hippie/Eastern vibe.

Sargadelos Tri-Sauce Tray

I spotted this graphic blue and white dish thingy on the shelves and had a feeling it might be “something.” Turns out the brand is Sargadelos in Spain and they’ve been around since 1806! When I researched the brand in the thrift store most of the pieces for sale were priced in the $$$. But alas when I got home I discovered this tri-sauce tray is still produced today for 40 euros ($47 USD)…so not as valuable as I thought.

Why did I buy it? Blue and white decor and kitchenware is still popular and this has great graphics and usability. And bonus, it’s a quality Spanish piece.

So of my quintet there were no big scores. Nothing that had me dancing in the aisles, but still some nice thrift store finds. Total cost: $25 for the five items.

Wishing you happy hunting,


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