Last Week of the Year

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Mine was mixed, but I do feel like I’ve climbed out of the rabbit hole of shock that my brother’s unexpected death threw me down. I had put my store on “vacation mode” the day of his death and was intending to leave it closed till the new year, but realized I needed the normalcy of dealing with store/biz stuff! I turned it back on two days before Christmas and am spending time listing things. It was a good move…feeling productive.

One of the things I added was this vintage made-in-Israel brass menorah for $60. This was a thrift store find ($4.79) from earlier this month. A few hours after I listed it I was contacted by a potential buyer who offered me $40. I declined and she bought it 30 minutes later for $60.

SOLD for $60.

I’ve accumulated a large amount of vintage wood anagram letters over the years that I had intended on using for crafts. In the end I barely used any of them and decided it was time to move them along.

There are three different styles and if my math was correct, a total of 266. I’m hoping somebody will have fun with these.

I recently bought this small vintage sterling silver locket on eBay. It’s as sweet as can be. It came with a silver chain that I’m keeping, but I am selling the locket with a piece of silky cord. I can picture a young girl being enchanted with this.

We are swimming in artwork at our house and I decided I need to move a few more pieces along. I bought this Mark Coomer (1914-2004) serigraph for myself a while back on eBay. I love the moody colors of this mid-century New York City winter cityscape (Washington Square Park). I don’t think this will last long in my store.

I adore hand-made pottery (at least most of it!) and this realistic leaf dish was beautifully done (and signed). Wouldn’t this make a charming ring dish?

I bought this alabaster/onyx pot in August at my neighborhood thrift store. With its honey coloration I thought it would look great with a votive candle in it, but not a real one because of the mess and difficulty in lighting it. So I’ve been intending on buying a battery-operated tea light for months. And today, as I was in the checkout line at the grocery store, there was a display of small packages of tea lights. Perfect! It looks as good as I thought it would.

Now this vintage all-leather tooled box was part of a nun’s estate that I bought years ago. I believe it’s Moroccan as I used to own purses of the same type of leather and style of tooling. Just a really nice box. I’ve been using it to store some unlisted jewelry but decided it really deserves to be more appreciated.

Haven’t bought much this month, but I’m realizing I still have things in nooks and crannies that can be listed! And it’s been good getting that done and getting a few more end-of-year sales. Working on a few New Year’s resolutions for myself and my business. How about you? Any changes forthcoming in the new year?

Happy hunting in the final days of 2021,



  1. Dear Karen, I can imagine that this Christmas holiday must have been a mix of different feelings.
    It’s good that keeping productive can help your mind being busy.
    You listed nice items, my favourite ones being the menorah, the alabaster candle holder and the letters. I’m sure they will sell soon.
    I look forward to hearing about your plans for 2022 🙂
    Best wishes

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      1. I imagine the festive time didn’t feel happy in the current circumstance . Losing a loved one is awful.

        I haven’t listed something in ages to be honest. I’d have so many interesting pieces to add but it feels a bit overwhelming on top of the many things in my Todo list … I was also aiming to try Chairish soon . We shall see 🙂

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