Just a Little Reality…

In a world filled with horrific, heart-breaking news, I am thankful there’s a little good news in my personal world–today my youngest brother and 90-year-old dad moved from a small apartment into a house. It’s a good-sized house with a yard big enough for a garden and as quiet as can be. (Isn’t it cute?!)

Plus it has a front porch where I plan on hanging out when I go to visit them. Mind you they are 2500 miles away, still this makes me happy. My dad, while a bit fragile, will thrive being able to garden as he always has–planting and tending his tomatoes, onions, peppers and corn. Can’t wait to visit!

Life on vintage front is a bit harsher…

The revenue in my Etsy store is down a whooping 50% from this time last year. Fifty percent!! Gosh, that’s well…huge.

Image by Dreamstime.com

This month in particular has been the culprit. But I do understand it. Food and gas prices have skyrocketed. Investments are shaky. It’s a tough time. And people are scared. Who needs a crystal bowl, a garnet brooch or an antique print? Well, no one!

And while this income does not need to support me, it’s been super helpful! This downturn is giving me pause. So, I will be cutting back on my store. Shopping less. Spending less. At least for a while.

I have already cut back on shopping at my neighborhood thrift store. Once a honey hole and the source for 60% of my inventory, now I’m lucky to find anything to buy amongst the throng of new shoppers.

Here’s what I didn’t buy…

These 1940s ceramic console bowls were fun, but big and breakable (a shipping nightmare) and not worth much. I didn’t even bother checking their price.

This handmade baby blanket was in perfect, unused condition, but priced at $7.

And this signed pottery vase, one of my fav categories, just didn’t appeal to me. I tend to like weird, non-pretty stuff, but I thought this was sloppy.

Bought one thing…

So after going round and round this small store, I bought one little thing, just one–a vintage leather stud box. Not valuable, but kinda neat with only a few light scratches.

I’ll list this for $18.

Stuff from my house…

And I will continue to source from my personal collections. I figure this is a great time to keep downsizing, whether I put it in my store or donate it.

This vintage San Francisco hanky is darn cool. I bought this years ago with the intention of framing it. Never did!

And this vintage California state hanky has my town on it!

Plugging away…

While my love of vintage and antique stuff will never fade, and I hope my online stores will once again thrive, I have to be realistic. There may come a time, perhaps sooner rather than later, when all this work/expense is just not worth the effort and the small bit of profit I make and I’ll give it up. While it makes me sad to think about, it is in the back of my mind.

I’ll close for now hoping your reality is full of joy,



  1. Congrats to your brother and dad. I know they will enjoy being able to get out in nature! Also, my reselling business is moving very slow this month too. Hope it picks up with tax refunds but it may not with the price of everything else. We’ll keep our fingers crossed 🤞!

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  2. Karen, I’m so happy to hear that your Dad & Brother have now a cosy new home, which will make their life much more pleasant.
    Things seem slow here too, we shall see how it moves in the coming months.
    As you rightly say, it’s not a great return for the time invested, and perhaps we need to draw a line at some point. Luckily, for some of us it is more a hobby than a means of make a living.
    I hope your business will pick up again 🙂
    Hugs xx

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  3. Hi Gabriella. That house is going a big difference for both of them! I am thrilled to have them out of the apt.

    Hopefully the biz will pick up a bit in the next few months. But if not I’ll start letting go of more of the lower-value inventory through a flea market or similar.

    Take care. XOXO


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