A Little Silver-Plate Goodness

Yoweee…the thrift store was thronged today when the doors opened. Other than a measly “10% off Senior’s Discount,” there was no special sale or event. It’s just like this now every time I go. Every. time. And I’ve had to change my thrifting style. First, I do a super quick pass down my favorite aisles to see what immediately jumps out at me and if something does, I put it in my basket. No dilly-dallying. No second guessing. (I can always put it back later if need be.) Then I go back down the aisles more carefully two or three times.

Well today I spotted these four silver-plated cordial cups straight away. Literally within 45 seconds of walking in the store. They were simple, handsome pieces.

I flipped one over and was thrilled to see they were made by famed English silversmiths Mappin & Webb. The company traces its roots back to Jonathan Mappin who started a silversmith business in 1775. Into the basket they went!! I knew I was buying these.

Turns out they were designed by Keith Murray in the 1930s! You can certainly see the Art Deco influence in the tiered base. But here’s the super exciting bit–a set of six sold at Sotheby’s for $1,125. (Not sure what year.)

Yes, these are the same cups as mine. Now of course this price was realized at a Sotheby’s auction–a well-heeled crowd with lively bidding. Still I’m hoping to sell mine for $100+ Will need to do a bit more research. It doesn’t seem like there are many currently for sale and these are such nice quality with a sturdy feel in the hand and have already survived 80+ years!

Here’s one I polished next to a tarnished one. Hoping they all polish up this nicely and don’t have any egregious damage under the tarnish!

Sometimes I am guilty of not digging around enough in the silver plate. I see too many flimsy, scratched 1960s trays and corroded bowls and pass them by. These goblets reminded me that it’s worth the effort to look. (Paid $18 for 4.)

I’ll close for now wishing you happy hunting,


P.S. In the end I listed these 4 goblets for $160.


  1. Fabulous find, Karen! I’m happy for you! I love the look of the polished cordial cup next to the one yet to be revealed. Thanks for always posting good pictures.

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