A Cheeky Offer Makes Me Change My Mind!

I sell my vintage stuff online, but occasionally I try to sell bigger things locally on FaceBook Marketplace or on Nextdoor typically for a lot less than I would sell them on Etsy, eBay or Chairish. People expect a bargain on these venues and I get that. Though honestly these days I don’t know why I bother with either.

I posted a large, beautiful, moody Dutch winter landscape painting recently. It’s a $40 estate-sale purchase that we’ve enjoyed it for years. Finally decided to let it go. Though the painting shows skill I’ve never been able to figure out the artist’s signature so I priced it at a very modest $80.

This is the only response I’ve received so far…

I am interested in the frame for an art project. Please let me know if you don’t find a buyer for this item, I would be happy to take it for free.

What??!! Take it for free?!

Gosh, that shows a lot of…cheek, chutzpah, gall. (Choose your word.) Especially if his intention is just use the frame and what…toss the painting?? Good grief. He didn’t even offer me anything for the frame. So that’s a no from me.

In the end I deleted the Nextdoor listing and am going to work harder on deciphering the signature. For all I know this painting could have some real value.

The end of the name is possibly “huysen.”
Possibly starts with a “B” or “P.”

The gold wood frame with a linen interior is circa 1960s/70s, but the painting itself could be older. So I cut into the paper on the back and found that canvas is attached by staples indicating a canvas made after 1940. Well pooh! So not old.

I have started a search on “20th century dutch landscape artists” and found Wikipedia has an alphabetical list of hundreds of dutch artists. I’m just trying to find another name even close to my signature and I’m also looking at art styles. I’ve got a few other search ideas up my sleeve, but I’ll admit I’m not sure how many hours I want to devote to this.

Fun comparison–the painting on the left is by Hendrik van de Sande Bakuyzen born in the Netherlands (1795-1860). According to Wikipedia, “He was a prominent contributor to the Romantic period in Dutch art and his students and children founded the art movement known as the Hague School.” So while my painting is not old, it seems to be painted in the Romantic period style of Dutch art.

So maybe my painting is not the find of the century, but it is a lovely thing. I’ve decided to put it on Chairish (if I can use their special shipping program) which has a number of Dutch windmill paintings. I’ll likely list mine for $400-ish.

So thanks to this cheeky offer, I’m hoping to make substantially more for this painting. And till it sells, we’ll continue to enjoy it!

Happy hunting,


P.S. Many, many thanks to Barb (see comments below) for figuring out the the artist!! It’s Andreas Veldhuysen! A similar painting sold six years ago for $520. The signature from this painting matches perfectly.


  1. Hi, just started following your blog. The friend who introduced me to it also likes to pick up and research art, and once in a while I join in. There’s a Vincent Veldhuysen , born in 1912, who paints similar things. Could it be?

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  2. My son quit trying to sell his telescope on Facebook Marketplace. Either flakes, people wanted a big discount, or one wanted to trade it for weed (which is legal here, but still…). Glad the signature was figured out. The frame for an art project? They can go to any thrift store and find frames galore!

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    1. Hi Lisa. That’s what I was thinking about frames too…the perfect thrift store pick up.

      I don’t blame your son for giving up on FB Marketplace. My experience trying to sell there has been dismal, though some people swear by it.

      Hugs, Karen

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  3. That response doesn’t surprise me at all. People are so thoughtless. I agree about Facebook MP and NextDoor. Although I have sold on both, people expect a bargain, so I’m careful about what I sell. But you do get more than putting it in a yard sale. Really enjoy your posts, Karen. Take care! 🙂

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    1. Hi Patricia. Even when I put a bargain price on things they rarely sell on FB or Nextdoor. Oh well, I’ve just created a Chairish listing for the painting and hopefully it will be available for sale there in a few days. (Chairish has to approve it first.) Hugs, Karen

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