Not Bad for a Monday

Amongst other things, Monday is an errand day. Today’s jaunt included the gas station (I think I was running on fumes!), the wine shop, the plant nursery, the drug store and the thrift store for a total of two hours out and about. When I got home I felt like I had accomplished a lot…it doesn’t take much these days!!

And wonder of wonder I actually found a few items at Goodwill today. Three were on the new merch cart and hadn’t hit the shelves yet! Like these ceramic Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson salt and pepper shakers. Not the usual thing I look for. Turns out they are somewhat scarce and were likely made for and sold at the Baker Street Museum in London. Recent ones have sold in the $40s. (Is it just me or does Dr. Watson’s medical bag like a purse Queen Elizabeth would carry?)

SOLD offline to a neighbor!!

I found this vintage Trader Vic’s ashtray on my second pass over the new merch cart. It was hidden on the bottom and I had a “come to momma” moment. I have a thing for vintage ashtrays and this one is darn cool. Did some research and discovered that most of the Trader Vic’s ashtrays for sale online feature Hawaiian dancers, so this Polynesian mask one is more atypical. Scarce maybe?

I was hoping this little silver frame was sterling silver. I took it apart at home looking for marks. No luck. I tested it and one time got a reading for silver but not after. (I tested it in the same spot.)

So I got out my trusty magnet and it practically jumped to the frame.

So definitely not sterling silver, just silver plate…drat! Still as a nice vintage silver plate frame it has some value. I’ll list this for $28.

Love this little stone bowl. It has translucent areas and is likely alabaster. I’ll be keeping this for a while! Wouldn’t it look pretty with a little tealight burning in it?

So just a few “bread and butter” finds. New things to help keep the business ticking over! Total spent: $14.29.

Wishing you happy hunting,


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