Did I Pass Up Too Many Good Things?

I have been trying to be super selective on what I buy for my online stores. Well, I’ve always tried to be picky but even more so now because I have almost reached my max storage space! But on my latest trip to my neighborhood thrift store I spotted a number of interesting bits that I turned down. I wonder if I was a little too picky this time?

“Too Old Fashioned?” Category

These were sweet, hand-painted Old World pieces. The salt and pepper shakers bedecked with roses were particularly lovely (missing stoppers) and likely German or Bavarian. But does anyone like these anymore? For $3.49 perhaps I should have picked them up? Would you have?

“No to Repros” Category

This artillery cast iron mechanical bank was an obvious repro, heavy and priced at $15. I knew I wasn’t going to buy it, but out of curiosity I checked online to see what others were selling it for. Listing prices ranged from $10 to $275! And yes the $275 was for this repro. And there were a lot available, many under $50, so buyers will be spoiled for choice.

“I Was Stupid” Category

I couldn’t figure out what this was in the store. I was flummoxed. Now when I look at this photo I realize it had been placed upside down on the shelf! Oh for Pete’s sake! It’s a bud vase (or perhaps even a champagne flute) of Aesop’s fable the “Fox and Grapes.” It was only $2.49, but it had a bent rim and I didn’t find any markings in my brief moment handling it.

This heavy marble/alabaster vase in wonderful buttery tones was priced around $8-$10. Not sure why I decided against it…possibly because of the weight and size. It felt about four pounds. Still this is my usual kind of thing.

“Not Enough Resale Value” Category

This Bunnykins music box plays “Happy Birthday” and seemed undamaged, but at $11.09 I wasn’t sure. I did a quick online check and found that other current listings were only in the $20 range. So this was a hard NO.

This Ellen Tracy gold leather tote was a nice thing and priced at $16 and change. It was a bargain if I had needed a tote like this (I didn’t) and unfortunately the resale numbers were not exciting me. Had to (sadly) leave it behind. (Plus my purses have been languishing lately!!)

This hand-painted cutie from Holland is a fun two-mug set at $3.49. But I just didn’t think it would resell for enough.

What I Bought in the End

I went around and around this little store and had nothing in my cart. I kept telling myself to “think outside the box” and “really look.” Finally I spotted a stack of nine little vintage bread/dessert plates with a cool mid-century modern vibe. While I don’t like shipping plates, I thought these were fantastic and might be worth the effort. (Paid $16, a few years back this stack would have been $8.)

Across from the plates I picked up a little glass bowl. Clear glass bowls are great to have on hand for serving and display. Picture this one full of lemon wedges or olives on a bar cart, candies on coffee table or bits of jewelry on a nightstand. Alas, they are not wildly popular. I wouldn’t have bought this one except it was acid etched for Tiffany & Co.

Will list for $40.

Turns out this blown glass piece is in their “Rock Cut” pattern. It’s not valuable so it’s really more of a bread-and-butter item. (Paid $7.29) Still brands like Tiffany, Waterford, Villeroy & Boch sell, so I usually buy them.

So all that looking and I didn’t buy much. Of course I always remember there is always more stuff around the corner. None of the things I passed up at the thrift store was a live changer. No Jackson Pollock!

Wishing you profitable and happy hunting,


One comment

  1. Well, as you had asked…. a definite no to the painted salt & pepper shakers, and the pitcher….they are a hard sell, and don’t bring much.
    I wouldn’t have bought those plates for $16…seems like a lot.
    Yes, to the Tiffany…Tiffany sells!

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