Post Christmas Life

Our Christmas was low-key–a little present opening, a modest dinner (yes, I served quiche on Christmas, one mushroom and spinach and one with pancetta, both with fabulous cheeses), two Zoom calls to family in other states and later a quirky mystery movie on Netflix (“Glass Onion”). It was thoroughly enjoyable. This comfy-clothes, just-us day suited our introvert family of four perfectly.

Still that doesn’t mean I don’t miss what once was when I was a young nipper living back in New York State–the extended family celebrations with grandparents, aunts and uncles and a gaggle of cousins, tables groaning under enormous amounts of food (including jello salads which no one serves anymore), the presents and shenanigans. It was truly the stuff memories are made of.

I miss it. Actually what I miss are the relatives who are now gone. So many. When you are young you don’t realize people you love will die. When it happens it cuts you to the bone.

But I digress.

It’s the day after Christmas. Hard to believe it’s come and gone. Today was like any other day. I washed dishes, took out the trash and recycling, listed a few things in my Etsy store and ordered a few wool tops from the Eileen Fisher sale. (I never seem to have enough warm tops!) Later I spoke with two dear friends on the phone. Both are keeping safe and warm in the bitter cold and wild weather back East.

Now on Tuesday I woke in the wee hours to the sound of rain. Blessed rain. But I did not want to be awake at 3:00 a.m. Today feels even more back to normal as I package up four orders to take to the post office. (I am happy for the orders, but overall I am ending this year down 20% in revenue. Drat!) After a few errands it will be a good day to be home. A good day to hunker down. Maybe bake some cookies.

Our Christmas tree is still up though dry but it will last till New Year’s. It feels a bit crazy that 2022 is almost over but I’m starting to dream about what 2023 could be like. I’ve already booked a three-day mini retreat for myself in Carmel in February. I stay with some religious Sisters who provide simple meals as part of the accommodation and we have the best conversations over dinner.

Carmel dreaming.

Of course I always do a little thrifting and antiquing when I’m down there too. Most of the thrift stores are boutique ones with higher prices. Still I usually find a few things.

And the last few weeks I have found a couple of items at my neighborhood thrift store too that fit with my 2023 buying guidelines–quality antiques, great brands and quirky things.

I spotted this charming Weller pottery vase/small jardiniere circa 1910-1920s in their Knifewood Selma Daisies line on a new merch cart and snapped it up. Couldn’t believe I found Weller in Goodwill!

This framed collection of 1927 Ogden Cigarette jockey cards was too quirky to pass up. Even if the subject matter doesn’t excite you, you have to admit it has graphic appeal and would be a great conversation piece!

Will list for $60.

And this sweet Royal Copenhagen porcelain figurine was another item I found on a new merch cart and one of the collectible brands I look for. It dates to late 1960s/early 1970s and is in beautiful condition.

So I just need to keep to my more discerning buying and less of the “bread and butter” items. I need to work smarter not harder. (That’s my new mantra!)

I’ll close for now. Would love to hear about your holidays.



  1. Sorry to hear you’re down 20%. It gives me pause about buying and selling vintage items. I’ve also had a sparse November and December. Time to sort into sell and donate.
    And it looks like there will be a lot of donating.

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