So Far, So Good…

Honestly, I’m still in denial that it’s 2023, but here we are well into January. I suppose the oddest aspect of the start of this year is the weather–those unrelenting atmospheric rivers that are drenching the West Coast. It’s a right mess and dangerous at times. (I am grateful that we have fared okay so far.)

But onto vintage topics…

Recent Etsy Sales

Sales have been steady this month and it’s so encouraging when items that I’ve personally hunted for and selected find new homes. Some folks leave delightful reviews which always pleases me.

It was fun to find out that the Alessi coffee plunger (shown below) will the used on the set of “Raising Kanan, ” a Starz TV show. I’ve sold a few things over the years that have ended up on the “little screen” though I have never seen them!

A Little Thrifting

I made a few quick thrift store visits this week between the worst of the rain and said “no” more often than “yes.” Which felt good. I am happy with the choices I made.

Like this millefiori Italian glass bead necklace with barrel clasp. I was looking in the jewelry cabinet and a passing employee said “Let me know if you want to look at anything hon” and that just about never happens. Usually I have to scout around for someone to unlock it and pull out items. Well I took advantage of her presence and had her pull out this necklace.

Not valuable. Not uncommon. But still a nice vintage wearable necklace circa 1950s/1960s. I’ve listed it for $60.

Another day I saw this enamel on copper quail pendant, possibly circa 1960s/1970s. It is just charming and nicely rendered.

Handmade pottery is always a draw for me and I liked this little signed pot, but so far all my detective work has not revealed anything about the ceramicist. Thought the name might be Ebers? Or?

My sleeper in the group is this little lidded pot. When I picked it up I saw the “Made in France” imprint and that it was copper and cast iron. Bingo! I knew this was something good.

Turns out this small pan is for melting or warming butter and possibly by Mauviel founded in 1830. One French cookware expert states that the “Made in France” imprint was added to French copper pans starting in 1960. The tin-lined cast iron lid is proving to be uncommon and possibly not made anymore. Surprisingly these little copper butter pans are rather pricey and retail for $90+.

My total for the four items: $25.36.

Upcoming Sourcing…Maybe

December’s flea market was rained out and this Saturday’s will be as well! Two months in a row with no flea market. I miss it! 😭

Now our local library is having higher-end ephemera and book sale on Saturday and I could go to that, but I went to it one year and it was crazy. It brought out the hard-core book sellers and these guys were good at blocking others from looking through boxes before they had. And it was really hard to concentrate because some folks got a bit pushy. Not sure if I’ll go or not.

But a boutique thrift store about 4 miles away is having a 25% off sale on Saturday. That’s not a fabulous discount, but they usually have good stuff and it could be worth it.

Of course, it’s quite possible I might not get any sourcing done this weekend, but that’s not a problem–reality smacks me in the face as I look at my small pile of unlisted things, including some personal downsized possessions. I don’t NEED to go sourcing this weekend.

Plus I may be joining my husband on a short business trip to Napa Valley next week–if the rain has finally stopped by then! Lots of unchartered thrift and antique stores to explore while he’s in meetings. Plus a bit of wine tasting and great food.

In Closing

The next big rainstorm is set to hit on Saturday and last for days. Might be a good time to hunker down, bake some bread and dive into a book.

Wishing you happy hunting,


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